When I saw the title, I thought it was a bad film. Unexpectedly, it was the strongest dark horse in the summer of 2021!

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saw title thought bad film.

2021 One of the most surprising domestic films in the summer is 《 Tough guy gun god 》, Looking at the title, I thought it was a bad film , Almost dissuaded , But it's actually an excellent film .

《 Tough guy gun god 》 On 8 month 6 Broadcast on the network platform on the th , Did not board the cinema , This is a big pity for the cinema in August .

Most of the online movies are made of rough and rotten films , In a hundred films , It's hard to find one or two qualified works , however ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 But it is a rare good work , Brimming with sincerity .

At Douban platform ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 I got the score 7.8 The high score , Among them, four-star praise accounts for the highest proportion , about 43%, As an online movie , Such a high score is rare .

《 Tough guy gun god 》 It's a live chicken eating movie , By Hu guohan 、 Director Zhou siyao , Xue Wenjun 、 Li Qingyu 、 Tan Xiaofan 、 Qu Yicheng 、 Starring Zhang Luyao and others , Whether it's behind the scenes , Or the cast , I haven't heard of any , But such a lineup has made an amazing work .

The beginning of the film is a chicken eating war , The scene of the live game is quite realistic , A famous game anchor Black Shark eats chicken live , It went well at first , With a little effort, it showed up , But at the critical moment , But I met a master : Tough guy gun god , Black Shark abused .

The tough guy gun god is a poor uncle Xiao Han , Also a game anchor , But because of the low popularity , The audience watching his live broadcast was pitifully small , and , When I saw the tough guy gun god beat the black shark , Even scolded him for hanging up .

Xiao Han and his son depend on each other , Live in a rental house , Too poor to pay the rent .

one day , His wife, who had disappeared for many years, came back in a luxury car , To compete with him for custody of his son , Xiaohan has no house 、 jobless 、 No income , Start a lawsuit , It's not a good chance to keep your son .

To keep the children , Xiaohan decided to work hard , Take part in the chicken eating contest , The bonus is five million , As long as you win the championship , Just have the money to buy a school district room .

Xiaohan found three teammates , His highness Rosetta : It's his old teammate , I'm coke : It's the otaku that his highness Rosetta disguised as a sister to play with , Your father pinched his feet : She's a long legged beauty .

The team is established , named “ School District Housing team ”, Sign up for the competition . At first , There is no collaboration at all , Everyone has their own fighting ideas , Each dozen .

When the tough guy gunner played a fierce performance game , The team really United , The School District Housing team broke through the siege in the audition .

《 Tough guy gun god 》 The film has two main attractions , One of the highlights is the inspirational story of playing the game , inspiring , The scene of real people eating chicken was a surprise , It looks very exciting , The most burning is the pan war .

The other is 《 Tough guy gun god 》 The core emotion : Father and son , One touching plot after another , More interesting are the two impressive pictures : When father and son are together , There are fish swimming in the sky ; Xiao Han sent his son to school , Suddenly I used the scene of eating chicken , Kill all the way , These two pictures are full of fun .

It's really a surprise ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 The overall quality is high , This new film is 2021 The best domestic online film so far .

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