Meng detective case: Yang Zi leaves. Who will replace her as the new "wisdom pistachio"?

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meng detective case yang zi

《 Cute detective 》 stay 《 The white snake 》+ Republican China +《 Bad people in the Jianghu 》+《 The Emperor gave Xiaozhuo 》 In a program with the theme , It clearly shows a very good performance .

Whether it's the suspense or reversal of the story , Or emotional sublimation and the variety effect presented are much different and improved than the previous issues .

After the previous programs

Song Yaxuan's sense of existence is still not much progress , I can also clearly feel that there is still a lot of room for his growth , But we still can't see his exact direction in terms of variety show design .

Perhaps this is also related to the attributes of the program itself , A lot of times , All regular guests and flying guests should fight their own battles , Taking care of others is actually relatively rare , If you just take care of others , It will also make the program lose its suspense , It is also a very good process for song Yaxuan to grow slowly .

Look forward to his growth

The editing of the game in this episode of the program is also chaotic

It seems that it is completely designed to let Huang Zitao complete the task

《 The Emperor gave Xiaozhuo 》 ChuChu and the king of Anjun will appear soon , It will disappear , It seems that the setting of game links is not carried out according to a chronological line , It is suspected that there is a possibility of make-up shooting .

The best part of this show is that everyone finds out they're not 《 The white snake 》 in , But in the Republic of China , This reversal is also compared with the more wonderful design of previous issues .

But the change of characters , Let the program lose some of its highlights


After breaking into the secret room , Yang Zi left , The final answer is that Yang Zi is not here , In this way, there is a lack of many interesting stories , It's not entirely because of the lack of interest of Yang Zi , But in the process of reasoning , This is a disguised removal of a wrong answer , It also greatly reduces the difficulty of the game , So the final reasoning lacks anyone , Will not achieve the best quality effect .


stay 《 Cute detective 》 Notice for the next issue 《 Little joy 》 In the theme , Yang Zi's figure was not found .

It is obvious that 《 Little joy 》 In a program with a theme , The whole staff is brought into the story , This is also the first time that all the members of this program have performed their skills , At this time, Yang Zi is missing , Maybe there's a lot less to see .

Yang Zi left , Who will replace her as the new “ Wisdom pistachios ” Well ?

Because in 《 The white snake 》 Yang Ying performed very well in the program with the theme of , This also has a lot to do with her frequent variety shows , Plus her courage , The outdoor secret room in the later stage of the program is just tailored for her , So that sun Honglei, who is in her group 、 Na Ying 、 Huang Shengyi lacks a lot of scenes .

It is even more rumored that Yang Ying came to the program to test the water .

There is no evidence for all these suspicions , It won't make much difference whether you come or not

In fact, Yang Ying is also a member of the variety show “ Deep fried dough sticks ” 了 , Especially for this kind of script that young people like + The type of chamber of secrets is also more interesting .

Such programs will also exercise some acting skills , Know more old opera bones , After all, this kind of variety show is also a type that old opera bones can accept .


Yang Zi actually made a great contribution to the program

Whether it's acting or playing games seriously , Get attention every time you play , I especially like her sincere attitude and humility towards others , Her initial cooperation with sun Honglei is also quite perfect .

Even Yang Zi will leave because of schedule problems

Yang Ying doesn't seem to take over

Variety shows are actually very taboo to change in the middle or lack of fixed guests

Especially this kind of variety show , It is completely based on the theme of film and television drama , In general, film and television dramas will be boycotted when they change their stars in sequels , And before the first film is finished, change the leading character , It will be difficult for the audience or others to adapt to it .

Even if Yang Zi missed the later program recording because of the schedule , And no one can replace her as a new “ Wisdom pistachios ”, After all, everyone has his own unique personality , Irreplaceable .

I still hope Yang Zi can always “ play ” down

As for why 《 The white snake 》 This issue also has 《 Bad people in the Jianghu 》 Shadow , This is entirely due to the impermanence of black and white , because 《 The white snake 》 Black and white Impermanence in is two men ,《 Bad people in the Jianghu 》 One of the more classic characters in is that Bai impermanence is a woman .

《 Dream detective 》 Is also increasingly trying to innovate , Not limited to a single story , Make a series of classic and popular film and television characters , The formation of its own unique film and television character story universe is also a very bold attempt .


This variety show with various film and television dramas as the theme , In terms of effect, it also presents a more and more situation , It's just that there are still some acting skills and the feeling that they want to create variety topics too much , I don't know the effect of the next program without Yang Zi .

There is a script , But it can't decide the final outcome , This is also the highlight of the program .

How many episodes do you think Yang Zi will miss ?

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