Cute detective case: Na Ying's career is in Waterloo and ridiculed by sun Honglei. Jiang Xin makes his own topic

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cute detective case na ying

Look forward to a week of 《 Cute detective 》 The launch , Yang Zi, Jiang Xin, Qiao Xin, three beauties gathered , Open a new 《 Ode to joy 》 Chapter . Sun Honglei, Na Ying's funny style, lovers laugh at everyone .

According to the program requirements , The guests form a family to participate in the competition just to get clues and rewards . In the song guessing session , Na Ying, as a sister in Chinese music , Singing is natural , I didn't expect to encounter Waterloo in this link .

The program group invited foreign friends to sing , Ladies and gentlemen, guess the name of the song , Unexpectedly, Na Ying was ridiculed in the first round , Foreign friends sang a song 《 conquer 》

As the original singer, Na Ying didn't recognize her own song , I really can't get over it , Then another song 《 There's always a way out. 》 As a result, Na Ying missed the opportunity to answer the question again , Connect two wrong questions , And it's my own song , It's a big Waterloo in the game . No wonder Jiang Xin has make complaints about it , Na Ying can't hear her own song .

Although sun Honglei plays Na Ying's boyfriend , But in the game, everyone wants to win , Na Ying's mistake may lead to the loss of the game , No wonder Honglei Sun also wants to make complaints about Na Ying , That's a bit of a tragedy , Do you think? ?

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