The group photo of three generations together is very warm! Jia Jingwen and her three daughters celebrate father's day for Xiu Jiekai

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group photo generations warm jia

Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jiekai have always been loving couples in the circle , It's just 8 month 8 On father's day, Jia Jingwen took 3 A baby daughter celebrates for xiujiekai . Besides Xiu Jiekai, there are other relatives and friends to celebrate , The group photo of three generations together seems very warm .

8 month 8 Day is father's day in our country , Although compared with Western father's Day 8 month 8 There are few people to celebrate the day , But there are artists in the circle to celebrate , Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jiekai's loving family celebrated this day . Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jiekai both took many group photos on the social network , Jia Jingwen sent a message to wish her husband xiujiekai a happy father's Day , As the protagonist, Xiu Jiekai also left words to thank my dear family .

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