Why is Zhou Dongyu, the queen of the three golden films, always ridiculed by the group when she plays TV?

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zhou dongyu queen golden films

I thought it was popular IP+ After three golden films + Popular Xiaosheng , Will be a hit show , But the result was a group of ridicule , In particular, the female leader Zhou Dongyu has relied on 《 July and ansheng 》、《 Young you 》, Gather three gold awards , The film queen is expected to appear in TV dramas !

The ancient in the original work is a noble and elegant beauty , There is no denying that Zhou Dongyu is also a beauty , But it has nothing to do with dignity and elegance . Zhou Dongyu belongs to the type with little appearance , Temperament also belongs to the ancient spirit , Classical temperament is really a little poor .

In fact, Zhou Dongyu himself knows that his appearance has limitations , Many roles can't be played , I don't know why I took this role again this time , It's probably the power of capital !

modelling 、 Even if the appearance doesn't match , You can also counter attack by acting ! But movie queen Zhou Dongyu is in the current series , Acting feels like a step back ! The way of performance is winking , show one's teeth .

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