Do you remember Lin Miaoke in 2008? Now she is in an awkward position

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remember lin miaoke awkward position

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The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games gave the world a big " Pleasantly surprised ", This reminds us of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in , I can remember the scene at that time , That kind of shocking scene is still not low.

and 08 At the 2008 Olympic Games , The most remarkable thing is that at the opening ceremony , Lin Miaoke, wearing a red skirt and a horsetail .

A clear voice , Lovely face , Let Lin Miaoke become the focus of the audience's heated discussion , Also become a hot child star .

Lin Miaoke has been on fire since the Olympic Games , Started wandering in the entertainment industry , At a young age, he took over many advertising and commercial works , There was no one in the limelight for a moment .

What's shocking is that , People familiar with the matter disclosed at that time , Lin Miaoke's endorsement fee is as high as 6 digit , You know, this background is just after the closing of the Olympic Games 08 year , One 10 A - year-old girl can get this pay , It's really weird .

It's just that there are many people with right and wrong , Lin Miaoke is on fire , Naturally, some people are unhappy .

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