He married a 50 year old international director at the age of 19 and gave birth to three children 16 years later

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married year old international director

This big dye vat in the entertainment circle , As long as you go in , Basically colorful , Don't try to come out in vain , How deep is the water in the entertainment circle , It is full of all kinds of temptations , Full of benefits and money , So many noble and rich families don't want the actress in the entertainment industry to be their daughter-in-law .

Talking about Zhang Yimou's achievements , This Shaanxi man is one of the most famous directors in China , It can be said that he represents the international image of Chinese films to some extent , He is one of the most influential directors in China and even Asia , Also won numerous international awards , It has a high reputation in the world .

Celebrities have little privacy , The exposure rate of Zhang Yimou's private life is also very high , Along the way , With countless auras, there are rumors and arguments about Zhang Yimou's love life .

Zhang Yimou, who graduated from junior high school, went to the countryside and met his first wife Xiao Hua , After that, Zhang Yimou was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy , Xiao Hua gave up his chance to study and married Zhang Yimou . Two people have a daughter , Because Gong Li was involved in this marriage 10 Disintegrated years later .

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