Jin Qiaoqiao walks the baby in the corridor, wears exposed navel shorts, dances in the fire passage, opens and stretches the filter, and the leg is 1.8 meters long

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jin qiaoqiao walks baby corridor

Short piece cool and comfortable , Especially those with exposed umbilicus , It's really a piece with high upper body rate in summer , Open navel shorts use the characteristic cutting design , Not only can you optimize the perfect figure ratio , And show your figure , It can be called a female wearing artifact , The little man is tall , Big and tall , Very eye-catching , But with more and more styles , Still be careful .

Jin Qiaoqiao since she became a rich wife , It's really rare to show up , But after being on sister Lang's program , Jin Qiaoqiao is really an eye opener , I can't imagine the goddess after giving birth to two babies , Still has a good performance , Whether it's clothes or body , No less than the peak , Slim and stylish , Especially eye-catching .

Dressing Tips : Knitted open navel clothes , Comfortable and fit

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