Li Yundi was questioned as not a high-quality man. His reply made people laugh. Is he unworthy?

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li yundi questioned high-quality high

Recently, everyone has paid attention to the Olympic Games , Many entertainment and entertainment circles pay less attention to major events than ever before , Like this time 《 My brother 》 premiere , Didn't attract a lot of people's attention , No one even knows that there is such a variety show , This variety show is different from the previous one 《 Go after the light, brother 》 It's the same thing .

The program officer announced 33 A male artist , Like Yin Zheng , Huo Zun , Chen Xiaochun, etc , They are all men who are famous in the industry , I just didn't expect that there are still many people dissatisfied with such a fairy lineup , Under the official propaganda microblog , The audience asked directly :“ Can't you choose some high-quality human men ?”

High quality men are a hot stem recently , In this way, the audience expressed their dissatisfaction with the program group , But the funny thing is , The contestants on the show Li Yundi saw it and replied to the fan ,“ Aren't I a human high-quality man ?” The embarrassment was resolved by ridicule , It also made many people know Li Yundi again .

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