Huang Xiaoming was drunk late at night and stumbled. He stuck his head in his boyfriend's arms and was reluctant to leave. He was suspected to cry bitterly

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huang xiaoming drunk late night

In recent days, , Some netizens photographed the picture of Huang Xiaoming appearing in a hotel , Dressed in black, wrapped very tightly , The whole person looks in a bad mood . When I came out, I began to stumble , His boyfriend helped him all the way , It seems that Huang Xiaoming came out late at night to get drunk !

Huang Xiaoming walks very unsteadily , Put your hands around your boyfriend , The hat is pressed low , Looks extremely upset , Isn't it that netizens still tease Huang Xiaoming that life is hard ? When I was ready to leave , Huang Xiaoming suddenly hugged his boyfriend , Bury your head in your boyfriend's arms , Reluctant to leave . The boyfriend also held Huang Xiaoming tightly , Sipping his lips seems to be comforting Huang Xiaoming .

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