And waiting for the big female main play starring Zhao Liying to join hands with the director of ice breaking action. The male main is looking forward to it

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waiting big female main play

Since Zhao Liying became a top flower , Any work about her , There will always be a strong topic . Many little friends are waiting for a big female main play starring her 《 Barbarous growth 》, It's amazing , More important , Join hands with a famous director , He has participated in many works , such as 《 Operation icebreaker 》, Strength is considered to be the best in the industry . After all, the female master is super capable , The man chosen is also beyond expectation . Since the script was published , It has become a hot topic in the circle , Also looking forward to publishing more details .

Zhao Liying is a actress familiar to the audience , There are many bright spots in her , Scripts involved 《 Barbarous growth 》, It is also a return to modern drama , It is considered an urban emotional drama . The theme is a popular novel , It has also been partially adapted and put on the screen , Most of the scenes revolve around the heroine . After all, it's the work of the popular actress in the circle , Many topics have been found out , Most mentioned , It is the character image participated by Zhao Liying , What new surprises will there be .

Whether a work can attract more attention , The cast is very important , notice 《 Barbarous growth 》 The leading actress , Has a strong appeal , She is Zhao Liying , Each work brought by has a strong appeal . Since entering the show business , Work hard , Not afraid of suffering , Not afraid of fatigue , No matter what role , Strive to be the best , Her efforts have also been greatly rewarded . Now the wind blows and the water rises , Acting skills have improved by leaps and bounds , The resources involved in participation are broader , Each work has a high heat .

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