He lived with Yuan Li for 12 years and turned to marry the 20-year-old Olympic champion. At the age of 59, he became a winner in life

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lived yuan li years turned

For Yuan Li, you should be familiar with , She is 《 Bronze teeth Ji Xiaolan 》 Du Xiaoyue in , Pretty and lovely , It is also loved by many netizens because of its true nature . Today we want to talk about Xu Wei, who has had a long relationship with Yuan Li . He lives with Yuan Li 12 year , Turn around and marry Xiao 20 Year old Olympic champion ,59 At the age of, he lived to be a winner in life .

When Yuan Li and Xu Wei were together , She is still very young . It should be said that Yuan Li was still in college at that time , So she hasn't officially entered the entertainment industry yet . But Xu Wei is bigger than yuan li 12 year . Although there is a big gap in age , Nor did it affect the feelings between Yuan Liwei and Xu Wei .

Before you become famous , Yuan Li and Xu Wei had a very romantic and beautiful relationship . However, as Yuan Li gradually entered the performing arts circle , I began to come into contact with some works with good reputation , For example, iron teeth and copper teeth Ji Xiaolan , For example, never close your eyes , These works , Directly make Yuan Li famous , Began to become a famous actress in the country . At this time, the feelings between the two people began to crack .

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