Big s supports my sister! Praise Xiaos's response to inappropriate remarks, which is consistent with Wang Xiaofei's attitude

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big supports sister praise xiaos

Famous host Xiao S Xu Xidi used to cheer up Olympic athletes on the extranet social platform , But with “ National hand ” Call the Chinese Taipei player , This caused controversy , At that time, many netizens voiced their voices on the social platform microblog to denounce small S, After the keywords are on the hot search list , Small S And their daughter's brands have announced their termination .

And then , Small S Make a voice and stand on the microblog , But because of “ brief ”, As a result, some netizens are still reluctant , Think small S She should make a voice on the Internet social platform to show her position in order to prove that she “ There is no ghost in my heart ”, But little S After the voice of microblog “ silence ”, Let some netizens disappointed , But today, someone found that little S My sister is big S As early as after my sister made a voice on her microblog , That night, I liked little S The sound of , At the same time, it also shows its position !

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