As soon as he made his debut, he acted as a female owner and ate hot pot. He was favored by his husband to marry a rich family. At the age of 35, he is a winner in life

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soon debut acted female owner

In fact, many people know , The popularity of stars in the entertainment industry is by no means accidental , It's not easy . Many people have been filming in the entertainment industry for a lifetime , May not be able to stand out , But some people just play a small supporting role in the play , Well known to the audience , And became popular ! In the entertainment industry , Sometimes more important is : Right place, right time ! And today's actress , It's really the envy of countless girls , She is —— coco .

The first step of LV Yi's debut is the heroine , Later, many works played successively were also big Productions , The artists who have cooperated successively are front-line actors in the entertainment industry , For example, hu ge 、 Lin Yichen 、 Liu Shishi 、 Yuan Hong has cooperation experience . In the entertainment industry, LV Yi's development can be said to be smooth .

And LV Yi not only developed very high in his career , Emotional experience is also enviable , I met my current husband by eating hot pot ! And my husband is also the owner of this hot pot shop . He is —— Qian Yongchen . Qian Yongchen is also an actor , Although not very famous , But his family is famous , His name has invested in many companies , In those years, he and LV Yi met in their own hot pot shop . At that time, Qian Yongchen fell in love with the girl at first sight , And launched a fierce pursuit , Later, LV Yi was also moved by Qian Yongchen's true feelings , Two people make the right fruit , Now two people who have been married for many years , Life has always been very happy .

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