Shu Qi is really provocative. There is a "Rectangle" in the middle of his collar. Although there is a bandage, he can't hide his good figure

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shu qi really provocative. provocative

Hello everyone , I'm fashion blogger model Liao Shiqi , I hope it will help you after reading my article !

I wonder if you want to know about the dress ? Although as an ordinary person , It's hard to match yourself with a dress in daily life , But in fact, fashion is common , As long as you learn the dress style , It can also be a good choice for ordinary clothes . So the choice of dress is still more important for women , Especially those beautiful women , I believe everyone will always have the opportunity to wear a dress to make themselves more beautiful .

There are many styles of dresses , Especially with the gradual progress of fashion , And social changes , More and more women's status in society has become higher , So I often attend some business activities . Then use the dress to match yourself , Enhance your sense of attention , Make yourself look more attractive , It's a very important thing . So I want to wear the dress with high charm , Be sure to pay attention to whether the choice of style is in line with your body and your temperament .

For the choice of dress , Ordinary people still have less say than stars , Especially female stars , Often participate in some business activities , Then their choice of dress will be more handy . For example, female star Shu Qi , As an internationally famous star , Whether it's domestic activities , Or international activities , He's been there , So his dress has a lot of shapes , You can learn from . Shu Qi is really provocative , Open a hole in the middle of the collar “ Rectangle ”, Although there is a bandage, you can't hide a good figure , I have to say that Shu Qi works hard for beauty , Although the collar is tied with a bandage , But the curve is fascinating . Shu Qi's dress choice bandage gauze dress the choice of dress can be selected according to the cutting design and material , On important occasions , The common materials are gauze , Exercise material , Velvet material, etc . There are many common tailoring designs , Use this common design to match your words , It's hard to wear fashion , So I suggest you find another way , Choose some new designs .

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