TVB Xiaohua gathered with Hong Kong sister and wrote with emotion: ten years of youth have passed

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tvb xiaohua gathered hong kong

Artist Xu Zhiying (Whitney) yes 2011 The third place of Hong Kong sister in ,Whitney Take a group photo with the first class of contestants on the social network , It turned out that they chose to 8 month 7 Day party , Because 10 Years ago, the Hong Kong sister final was on that day , In the blink of an eye, they have met 10 year , The beauties present at the party include 2011 Zhu Chenli, the champion of Hong Kong sister in ﹑ Runner up Zhu Ximin ﹑ The bronze Whitney, Miss Liang Liqiao of the Miss International Goodwill and Tourism Ambassador Award , And Li Tianzong and Cai Huixin , But no Mai meien and Liu Sixi were seen .

Whitney I wrote with emotion :「10 Youth ,10 Years passed like this , Almost all the girls used the same sentence to describe each other all night , Namely :『 you 10 Years ago , Same as 10 Years later, it will be so , Nothing has changed 』, Unfortunately, not every girl is free to attend us 8 month 7 Party on the th . We choose 8 month 7 Because 10 Years ago, 8 month 7 No. 1 is our Hong Kong sister's finals .

today , Some of us are married , Some become mothers , Some have developed very well in other industries , Some are still in the show business , Sincerely happy for every girl .

We tried to remake 10 Sticker photos and group photos taken years ago ,pose equally , It still feels the same , Like laughter . Shoot in a sweaty environment in summer , I feel like I've been to Taiwan before ﹑ What about the exterior view of Hainan Island ,Girls! Expect us to 10 Years later, 20 Anniversary party !」

source :TVB Drama critic

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