After giving birth to a baby, she lost 60 kg and won a medal when she returned to the competition. Netizens shouted Huang Xuechen "publish a book"

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giving birth baby lost kg

writing | Mommy Flynn, these days , We can't eat the melons in the entertainment industry , And the wonderful Olympic Games , Even let us forget that there are three Chinese in space , Ha ha ha ha ( Digression ).

But the recent Tokyo Olympics really made me feel , Yang Qian, a Tsinghua female student bully who won the gold medal on the first day of the Tokyo Olympic Games during the summer vacation , After winning the gold medal in the double 10m platform , Zhang Jiaqi, who said he liked Barbie Dolls , And diving 0 Shuihua year is only 14 Year old gold medalist Quan hongchan and so on .

Wave after wave of hot search , I don't know which heat to rub . Oh roar , Accidentally said the truth .

That said , But I still want to tell Baoma about a player I noticed these two days , That's Huang Xuechen , A member of the Chinese flower Tour team “ veteran ”, Also at this Olympic Games , One of the silver medal winners of synchronized swimming women's double free choice event .

The Chinese flower Tour team has such a saying : Watch the sinking fish and the falling geese , Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Yellow morning .

It's about the two winners in the flower tour doubles “ veteran ”, Sun Wenyan and Huang Xuechen . And what I want to say is Huang Xuechen .

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