"Childe, I'm going to marry you 2" is on the air. It's novel and flirtatious. It's really very popular!

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childe going marry air. air

8 month 8 Japan , Network drama 《 Young man , I'm going to marry you 2》 premiere ! Straightforward daughter chasing Ao Jiao childe ~ Happy detective , Sprinkle sugar ! Produced by super film . Who says women chase men's spacer yarn , It's almost several mountains away , Ye Xiaotang, as a demon chasing her husband, is really eighteen kinds of martial arts , I ran out of everything to chase young master aiaojiao .

Now I've seen the plot , It is worthy of being the most unique and novel love chasing play , Flirtatious , It's really too high , Jimei in front of the screen . The play is adapted from iqiyi's literary novel 《 Lord Jin, please respect yourself 》, Tell about the wedding of Ye Xiaotang, the richest man in Beijing “ lai ” Shanglengjun Tanhua Lang Mu said , At the same time “ Prince without favor ” Ling Ziran , Three people form a happy enemy , The story of repeatedly solving strange cases .

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