Liu Yan's daily clothes are really casual, but the floral skirt looks too young and tender like a high school student

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liu yan daily clothes really

# What to wear today ## What to wear today #

If you are a lazy star , But at the same time, I want to have fashion and a sense of fashion , If you still want to be beautiful , Then you might as well try the floral skirt , That kind of fairy and gentle look , Only after trying , You will find its beauty .

Not only can it set off its own temperament and sense of fashion , It can also give you more highlights , Visually, it is both advanced and foreign , It can also enrich the visual wear , It looks unique and lasting .

So many people like floral skirts , It's not just about dressing with temperament , It can also bring some style attributes , For example, sweet 、 Romance, literature and art, etc , All look beautiful .

So floral skirts are always in summer C position , Whether it is a large area of decoration or a small area of decoration , Will look very advanced , Fashionable and textured in dress , And it's very compelling .

For fashionable people , Summer without a floral skirt is incomplete , Although you will find the floral skirt very fancy , It's also a little old-fashioned , Not even looking .

But what you have to admit is , Broken flower skirt is a piece with great visual impact , Can shape the focus , And make you stand out from the crowd , It's also elegant and romantic .

In fact, in dress , Just choose the right color and version , It seems to rule out this old-fashioned feeling , On the contrary, it is more exquisite and charming , Make the dress more foreign

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