The rural children who won the "rich man's game" successfully changed their fate with the support of their urban parents

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rural children won rich man

Franklin once said " Poverty itself is not terrible , The terrible thing is the thought that you are destined to be poor or must die of poverty ". you 're right , When a child is born , His life experience and environment have determined whether he is poor or rich . Some people are willing to be mediocre , And some people dare to challenge and try , The fate of these two kinds of people later , Maybe it's quite different . A child from the countryside after attending a reality show , Through efforts to change their own destiny , Who is he? ? How did he do it ?

《 Metamorphosis 》 Touted , But more and more deviate from the original intention of the program

A little friend who likes watching variety shows , I'm sure I'm no stranger to a reality show variety show on Mango station , Its name is 《 Metamorphosis 》, stay 《 Metamorphosis 》 among , The program group will select children from different regions to exchange life experiences , On one side are children from big cities who live a good life , On the other side are children from the countryside who have never seen the world , The purpose of experiencing different lives is to make children cherish their immediate life and understand the true face of society . In this show , From the performance and words of different guests , We've seen everything in the world .

There is an amazing Han Anran , her " Classic quotes "——" Never too old , Whole to old " Quickly become popular on the Internet , People are also talking about it , Why can you have such a life value at a young age , Can women in modern society only rely on cosmetic surgery , Can you stand in the crowd ? A lot of loyal viewers have been chasing it since the first season , All feel a phenomenon : The program seems to have changed , From a program that inspires and helps teenagers develop correct values , It has become some unknown students who rely on the program to become popular , One of the means to win traffic .

This makes the program lack the original truth and simplicity , It is hard for many viewers to accept . Of course, there is a certain truth learned from the program , And finally recognize the cruelty of society , Rely on your own efforts, step by step , Children who study hard , He is Gao Zhanxi .

Gao Zhanxi comes from a rural family in Qinghai Province , There are mountains , Rugged terrain , So that's what he called " Children in the mountains ". There are five people in the family ,92 Born in, he was the second , With a brother at the top and a brother at the bottom, he lives very hard on weekdays . Living in poverty , Gao Zhanxi took up the beam from childhood

Gao Zhanxi's parents are farmers , The education level of the family is not high , The bad thing is that my father is gradually blind because of perennial eye diseases , Mother's body is also getting worse year by year , Back pain from hard work .

When the children at home see it , All hope to grow up early , Share your worries for your parents as soon as possible . My brother is a little older , He dropped out of school and went out to work to make money , All the housework fell on Gao Zhanxi , In addition to washing, cooking and cleaning during the day , And often help my mother work in the field .

Although my brother has only 2000 Dollar wages , But most of the money goes home , Gao Zhanxi knows that it's not easy for his brother to work outside , Even if the pants are broken , The quilt at night is not thick enough , He never complained , His pocket money every month is only 1 block , Maybe in the eyes of urban children ,1 Dollars on the ground, no one wants , But in Gao Zhanxi's eyes , He can buy school supplies for himself , Or buy more food to satisfy your hunger .

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