How is the talented dancer who fell paralyzed on the Olympic stage 13 years ago and made Zhang Yimou feel guilty all his life?

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talented dancer fell paralyzed olympic

Takeshi make complaints about the opening ceremony , Ask the Japanese Olympic Organizing Committee “ Refund ”

Speaking of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games , The recent performance of Tokyo has really shocked the world .

After all, no one would have thought , A preparation 4 year 、 Howe to hit 165 Billion yen ( renminbi 9.7 Billion ) The opening ceremony will eventually collapse to this extent .

Netizens make complaints about it : The opening ceremony can be grounded , But it can't be grounded ; Can have a soul , No ghosts ; Can have inspiration , There can be no supernatural ; There can be art , No magic ......

Tokyo 2020 Various “ Psychic operation ”, It also reminds Chinese netizens of “ Yin and yang are separated ” Of Beijing 2008, Time interval 13 Now I still want to praise :“YYDS!”

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