"Song with the king" released a full lineup poster, airborne Hunan Taiwan, the love between the double-sided emperor and the female bodyguard

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song king released lineup poster

The long-awaited court suspense drama 《 Wake up Chang'an 》 By yxh Slip from the beginning of the year to the middle of the year , Today finally ushered in the fixed gear !

In order to try the star ,《 Wake up Chang'an 》 Make a series of changes , From the real historical background of the Tang Dynasty to the overhead background , The title of the play is changed to 《 Song with Jun 》,“ Li Yan ” become “ Qi Yan ”, The plot is also significantly slimming down (60 The large-scale costume drama of the collection is cut to 55 Set , The final gear is 49 Set ).

Extract its essence 、 Discard the dregs , Without the Procrastination of ordinary costume dramas 、 Lengthy general problems , It is no longer possible to inject water , I believe the simplified version must be more perfect .

《 Song with Jun 》 After Guan Bo changed his name, he announced the cast , And release a full lineup poster , The official declared that the play was from 8 month 8 From the th, on Hunan Satellite TV 、 Mango. TV Simultaneous broadcast .

《 Song with Jun 》 Full lineup poster

Afternoon ,《 Song with Jun 》 The official wechat released a new notice again .

Cheng Yi breaks through himself , Play the double faced emperor with black belly and forbearance —— Qi Yan , In the play, his appearance is very high , Makeup and hair styling are online , Clothes are even more dazzling , Rich and noble imperial clothes , Exquisite and luxurious silk pajamas ……

Qi Yan's handsome eyes are murderous , How did Qi Yan, the young emperor, grow and transform in danger ?

It's a conspiracy ? Or sadistic ?

Look forward to 8 month 8 A TV play broadcast on the th 《 Song with Jun 》!

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