Li Xueqin, I really underestimated you before

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li xueqin really underestimated

As a representative column of life slow variety show ,《 Desired life 》 It has attracted much attention for several seasons , It also triggered many novel and interesting topics , From this program , Many viewers also realize the other side of the star artists that they don't know in private , So as to understand their true temperament and modality in life .

《 Desired life 》 Season five “ Peach Blossom Garden ” It has been broadcast to episode 7 , In the new program , Mushroom House welcomes new guests , Talk show famous artist Li Xueqin .

As “ Northeast light ” Li Xueqin has recently become a regular guest of variety shows , With a real and honest character, I really circle a lot of fans , After all, now on the variety stage , Can return to nature , Without disguise , There are few guests who don't show off and cater to the audience's favorite .

What's more, Li Xueqin is humorous , Witty and funny , Warm and sincere , He is a natural warm-up expert and variety show seedling .

This time I'm visiting the mushroom house , Li Xueqin naturally lived up to her expectations , Personality charm is all the more obvious , And haven't arrived at the mushroom house before , Compared with Chen he, Li's birthday, full of complaints and complaints , As soon as Li Xueqin appeared, she became a labor expert , Work unambiguously , Sharp hands and feet , Steady and reliable , I don't have the aura of a star .

And after getting up early in the morning , And clean up the room without saying a word , Take care of everything inside and outside in order . What's more difficult , It is obvious that Li Xueqin does not work to complete the task , Build a good image , But really enjoy it , Appreciate the fun and happiness brought by labor .

Especially in catching chickens , Compared with Zhang Yixing who is timid on one side , And Zhang Zifeng who was completely at a loss , Li Xueqin is quick, accurate and cruel , One brisk step into the chicken coop , Lock the target and start quickly , No affectation, no affectation , Tear the so-called image burden to pieces .

Be proficient in all housework , Even carpentry with upgraded difficulty .

Have to say , This issue of 《 Desired life 》 Completely become Li Xueqin's skill showcase , Even in the face of craft that ordinary people can't resist , Li Xueqin is still bold and cautious , The ability of hands-on operation is really impressive .

Saw wood freely 、 Nail on , You can even break wood with your bare hands , Quick and powerful , With one , Many netizens ridiculed it as “ Strange girl ”, Let Zhang Zifeng on one side be stunned .

stay 《 Yearning for life 》 in , They have always been hardworking and capable guests and are the most popular , For example, Ni Ni and Tong Liya earlier , Because of the high quality, orchid heart and quick work , Wind reviews are also soaring , Variety shows are the sharp weapon for star guests to enhance their popularity , There are not a few guests who lose their fans because of participating in variety shows .

Take Chen he and Li birthday in the recent program , Two people in the program lie flat for minutes , Once the topic of work is mentioned , Two people will frown , being at a loss what to do , It can be said that severe patients with lazy cancer .

In addition, they often wait for opportunities to be lazy when others work , gag , It has been criticized by many viewers as greasy and slippery .

What's more, they have been to this variety show before , At the beginning, it was criticized by many netizens as “ lazy ”, It's really uncomfortable , And in the new season , Although they kept saying they were coming “ to expiate sin ” Of , Want to change people's cognitive impression of it , The result is still stubbornly .

In the program , Zhang Yixing sailed a boat carrying two people to move books , It only took a while , They were so tired that they cried , I began to insist on resting in place , Even began to push each other away , Evasion of responsibility .

Li Dan is lazy to a new level , Just a few steps from the ship to the shore , I don't want to get up and move , Just turned the sapling in his hand and handed it to he Jiong .

Then Zhang Yixing buried himself in the process of hard work , He was also persuaded by Li Dan , Li Dan joked that if Zhang Yixing worked too hard , Will look bad , Although this plot is probably to produce the effect of the program , However, Li Dan's words and deeds still attracted the criticism and ridicule of many netizens .

Just as many netizens commented on Li's birthday and Chen he's performance this time :“ Eat most , Sleep fastest , Get up late , Work least ”.

There is no harm without contrast , The arrival of Li Xueqin greatly lowered the audience impression of Chen he's birthday , And bear hardships and stand hard work , Be careful , At the same time, be able to talk , Li Xueqin, who is good at atmosphere, is the next in the comedy circle “ Jia Ling ”.

Have to say , It was really “ Belittle ” She's gone .

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