These six American dramas are more classic than one. I have seen each one several times

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american dramas classic one. seen

1. Spartacus; I watched three consecutive seasons, which was shocking. Tragic, moving and powerful. Flesh and blood is the largest American drama I have ever seen, which makes people's blood gush“ Don't cry. There is no greater victory than this. When you die, you are free. Sparta's dying words, this belief in fighting for freedom, directly sublimated the whole play

2. Walking dead《 Walking dead. Season 10. 16 episodes. All the essences are concentrated in the 15 and 16 episodes. The other dramas are simply too slow to tolerate and procrastinate. After Rick left the crew, the whole team really lost their soul. In the face of a group like whisperers, it's really bad that they can't do well in prevention for several years

3. Blood rage《 Blood rage is a series that pays tribute to the midnight torture series. In the 1960s and 1980s, the simple and violent and bloody elements in prison / mill films were all the rage. In 2007, two famous cut film directors Robert Rodriguez (who directed Sin City) and Quentin Tarantino (who directed vulgar novel) jointly dedicated the films "prison", "planet of terror" and "evidence of death", which re blew the spring breeze of class B films in the new era

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