Huo Zun's girlfriend suspected exposure! He took the initiative to take group photos, his temperament is pure and does not lose the star, but he has not received a response for a long time

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huo zun girlfriend suspected exposure

8 month 8 Number , Blogger “ Youmeng Island Chen Lu ” Sun out a sweet group photo with Huo Zun , With love , Official announcement of love !

She released the time card at 9:18 p.m ,“918” It's Huo Zun's birthday , Not only let people feel her good intentions , And a high-profile show of love .

In the photo , The little lovers are wearing black jackets , It seems to be deliberately matched . The woman's facial features are superior , Small V Face sucking eyes , With light makeup, the temperament is pure . She nestled in Huo Zun's chest , Little bird is very close to people .

The fans in the comment area were pleasantly surprised , Send blessings one after another , And said “ After talking for so many years, Guan Xuan finally ”.

original , Almost all Huo Zun fans know that he has a dancer girlfriend , Some people eat melons , Some people know by watching the paparazzi break the news , Even Huo Zun has been in love for eight years .

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