"I really love you" Chen jiaorui asks for a compound, but Mo Ming ruthlessly refuses! Xiao Yan arranged for the two to remarry

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really love chen jiaorui asks

《 I really love you 》 It's coming to an end , After the operation, Xiao Yan , Finally agreed to Qi Bin's proposal . After Youya's miscarriage , Also become mature a lot . Only the relationship between Chen jiaorui and Mo Ming is still very tense !

Chen jiaorui wants to compound , Unexpectedly, he was rejected by Mo Ming !

In order to repair the relationship between yourself and your ex husband , Chen jiaorui specially invited Mo ming to his company party . This party is very important for Chen jiaorui , On the one hand, it is to create the illusion of family happiness in front of leaders , On the other hand, it is also to restore the relationship between himself and Mo Ming !

Chen jiaorui wanted to kill two birds with one stone , Unexpectedly, he completely threw himself into the air .

It can only be said that Mo Ming knows Chen jiaorui too well , And broke her routine on the spot . In Mo Ming's opinion , The reason why Chen jiaorui took the initiative to show kindness , Not because she really repented , But to show off in front of the leaders , Her husband and daughter are just tools for her show !

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