Yuan Bingyan's "meet you again in the falling flower season" shows the girl's shoulder, and the Hongning paper umbrella looks back. It's so beautiful

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yuan bingyan meet falling flower

Yuan Bingyan 《 Fall flower season meet gentleman again 》 Show off the girl's shoulders , Sister yuan's little flower demon , But dressed like a fairy , Between filming , Yuan Bingyan's headdress , I haven't taken off my makeup yet , Although wearing a coat , But it is still difficult to stop the smart girl's shoulder .

Yuan Bingyan looks so girly , In addition to the good attitude of laughing , Bring your own baby fat face , And the light air bangs , All are bonus items , And the little boy around sister yuan , It's also so cute , It's a little like Wu Lei's lovely elf when he was a child .

And Xianxia play , It seems that the finishing touch of a boy or girl is indispensable ,《 Three lives and three lives pillow a Book 》 White rolling ,《 Glass beauty evil 》 There are small dumplings ,《 Fall flower season meet gentleman again 》 This little cute , Should it be called an elf ?

《 Fall flower season meet gentleman again 》 Yuan Bingyan's set “ Jiuye Hongning ” Dress up , It's so sweet , Nine red gemstones , It implies the persistence of love in the ninth life and the ninth life , And the retro Tang style Ru skirt , It's also a good match for sister yuan's slightly fat physique , The baby's fat face , And eyes shining like black gemstones , It makes people feel the fresh and sweet smell of the princess from the fairy tale world , It's so in line with the feeling of fairy chivalrous lady in my heart , No wonder 《 Glass beauty evil 》 after , Yuan Bingyan can perform the immortal heroine again , It's likely to be after dilige baxianxia , Another legend .

Hongning paper umbrella looks back so beautiful , In the ninth life , Hong Ning is in the demon catcher's life , It looks very rusty , A strong blue dress , A long flowing hair , Holding oil paper umbrella , In a green fragrance , It really looks like a mortal fairy , It can only make people feel far away , And that quietly looks back , It is also the charm of the emotional world , It makes people really love .

《 Fall flower season meet gentleman again 》 Yuan Bingyan and Liu Xueyi are like luminous gemstones , It's so dazzling that people can't open their eyes , Especially brother Liu , It's not normal this time , Abandoned the cloak of the dark characters , Actually played a decent love saint, the flower god, beautiful .

Liu Xueyi in God's clothes , The atmosphere is awe inspiring , The appearance of the emperor of heaven who does not allow demons to get close , People seem to forget 《 Glass beauty evil 》 in , He was originally a hypocrite, Emperor Bai Lin, who slaughtered all living beings in the three realms , I'm also looking forward to the new combination of Liu Xueyi and Yuan Bingyan , Will be a new love without , How dazzling the interpretation is .

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