Xie Na suspected that she was forced to withdraw from the circle, from ten thousand people happy to ten thousand people abandoned. What did she do wrong??

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xie na suspected forced withdraw

Shana is an actress , And the hostess . The familiarity with Shana began when she was the host .

When Li Xiang quit Hunan Satellite TV 《 Happy camp 》 show , Sheenah , As the successor hostess , It brings us a lot of freshness .

Shana is not a professional host . If he wants to have a foothold in the happy base of Hunan Satellite TV , You must have your own unique style . Once the host's style is positioned , It's hard to change . Maybe Shana was wrong at the beginning .

Funny and funny can only bring a temporary freshness . After a long time , Shana's problem came out . She lacks professionalism and knowledge . The most important thing is that her stage hosting style is not good , Like to belittle others , Especially make the guests feel embarrassed , Unable to speak .

At first , Some teenagers like Shana style . Then these people grew up , Shana's hosting style hasn't changed at all , New audiences are reluctant to buy .

If he Jiong hadn't helped Shana Circus , Shana has long lost her place in the happy base camp . Until now, , Many people don't want to see 《 Happy camp 》, Because they don't want to see Shana's hosting style , She always giggles for no reason , I feel Shana's smile is too low .

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