The lost Hong Kong sister joined the new modeling of love home and was accused of bumping into Zhu Qianxue's face

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lost hong kong sister joined

Artist Huang Jiandong earlier aired on the social network and 「 Tung Chung Lo ho Kai 」 A group photo of Liam , Miss accident 「 Kick explosion 」 The other party joins the situation play 《 Love . Happy Express home 》, Today, (8 Japan )2 People meet again in TV city and take a group photo of collecting stamps , And Huang Jiandong once again 「 fact 」, So that the new look of Liam was first exposed . See Leon, who has always had an explosive song , Recently, slightly straighten your hair , Into a slightly curved long hair look , Instantly reply to maiden flavor and permeate Fairy Spirit , Not only won Huang Jiandong's smile 「 No sun Buddha smell 」, More netizens praised the former Hong Kong sister Zhu Qianxue's kind of collision !

in addition , although 2 People just meet several times , But Liam is very intentional , Don't forget to send birthday wishes to Huang Jiandong who just celebrated his birthday , Huang Jiandong was deeply moved :「 Although my birthday has been over a week , But as soon as she saw me, she gave me a Birthday hug Same as wishes I ,sucha sweet sweetheart! Ah an , Come on , I look after you 㗎! New national sweetheart !」

Li AIAN Kirsten Although Hong Kong sister has lost the first round of interview , But the popularity has been high , She used to “LENAR BATA” I have been an online singer in the name of , Released a lot of songs , I also released two albums online , Even shoot yourself MV、 set up YouTube channel , Even her brother has produced music , And good at playing wooden flute and Piano , Both brother and sister can sing .

recently Kirsten Appeared and supervised by Gu Juji 、 The recording studio of the famous musician Zheng Rusen , She was guided by the other party to record ,Kristen It was also revealed that it was the first time to contact such professional equipment , Some netizens said they expected her to launch a new song , She also replied :“Of course.( Of course )” And paste multiple “ Heart, heart and eye ” emoticon , Very excited .

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