The fairy wants to be a public figure and find a ghostwriter? The reputation of the big factory has collapsed badly? Local TV Love variety is yellow

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fairy wants public figure ghostwriter

The fairy wants to be a public figure and asks for a ghostwriter ?

Flying fairies is becoming more and more arrogant , Rely on yourself abroad , Instead of keeping a low profile, it challenges the public's nerves . When the sign came out before, she took the opportunity to fish in troubled waters , I want to pick up what I have done before and clean it up , You can get more windfall income .

Because of her tax problems after the accident, all her accounts were frozen , So before, even if you had a daily salary 208 All the , But there's no way to take all this out . So she also needs money , You can also fight for money .

For example, this time a social event happened in a big company , She even came out to make a voice . In other words, women's rights are to protect women's rights , It seems that I proposed to replace Y It's not like her . Just imagine her disrespectful attitude towards women 、 The level of being confused , How can I write a serious composition ?

The kind you can't understand is her real level , Once you can read it clearly, it must be ghostwriting . And look at some words in her blog , It's not a word that mainland netizens will use , So I want to be a well-known , Find another ghostwriter , Dare to use with “ Opposite side ” Color words , It also shows that she is really brave , Any force dares to contact .

But it's known that speaking is of no use to her ( Don't you know that netizens are super disgusted with public knowledge ), Even if there are fans , No one dares to use her ↑ It won't give her the chance to come back . Sending her home for investigation is a chance , If you don't go home and hide outside, you dare BB, Turning back is also the end of the title .

The reputation of the big factory has collapsed badly ?

Something happened to the big factory recently , There is a lot of noise about their company's ice breaking culture , Was sniped by quite a few netizens , Now the reputation of the big factory has collapsed badly , Almost at the point of being denounced by the whole network , This time, they are afraid that they can't do it easily .

In fact, it's not just big factories , The so-called corporate culture of many Internet companies stinks , They often do some special work inside the company “ Color culture ”, Regular group construction, open villas, lie prone and so on , Forcing male and female employees to flirt with each other on a large scale in public , Close to the kind of , And these flirtatious ways are also strange , It's completely unexpected !

Whole fruit

Over the years , Many victims have also appeared one after another , But these black materials have been pressed inside the company , Don't let the victim speak , And all kinds of monitoring 、 Keep an eye on the company's employees , Who shows signs of exposure , The company will try its best to suppress anyone , Many employees are completely under high pressure , No resistance .

And this time after the accident , The big factory was going to do it too “ Cover your mouth ” methods , Force the victim to “ Estoppel ” Of , But this time the victim was just , Directly took more powerful measures to fight back against the company , This makes things bigger step by step !

At present, the management of big factories is also flustered , I'm afraid this matter will ferment in the whole network like the sea king incident , Now they are busy with all kinds of deleting posts and public relations , Very tough .

Local TV Love variety is yellow ?

The new love variety show recently opened by local TV station is lively , The program has just begun , There are two pairs CP Breaking up . The first couple is wanghong sister and her boyfriend cake Prince , The cake Prince used to rarely appear in front of people , But he also likes to play in private , He often steals food when he is in love with sister wanghong , This has greatly stimulated sister wanghong , You know, she and her ex boyfriend Zhu Bishi split up because of the man's stealing . Therefore, sister wanghong didn't appease her boyfriend after she learned about it , Instead, I chose to break up with him .

The other pair are the swearing school girl host and Gao Leng music love beans , The hostess of the school flower is very hot in private , It's not as gentle as it looks on the show , Music love beans often dislike her noise , So once they have a conflict , Music love beans will be cold and violent to the school girl host , The two often quarrel , Feelings are already at stake , If it weren't for signing a contract with the program team , I'm afraid they broke up long ago .

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