Three marriages, five years of cohabitation with Chen Kaige, 46 years old, Yang Yaya, what is Ni Ping's confidence?

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marriages years cohabitation chen kaige

When I was a child , Live with grandma , Ni Ping is naturally noisy .

Except for her at home , And my brother , The difference between brother and sister is only more than ten months , Can't tell what size .

Eat and dress , It is reasonable that my brother should let my sister .

But the family has delicious food and good clothes , Everything comes first .

Even if the adults at home take pictures of the two children , On Ni Ping's feet , Wearing the old leather shoes left by my brother .

But she is still very happy , Walking around Ronaldinho's legs , Running around in the small courtyard of the mechanism , Look carefree .

After becoming sensible , She found herself different from the children around her .

Others come out and go in , With Dad .

But her side , There will always be only mom and grandma .

one day , She went to her mother , Mother didn't tell her daughter the answer .

She ran to ask grandma , But Grandma didn't tell her .

At that time , She is still the little girl of the Liu family in the neighbor's mouth , And her mother's last name is ni .

Since adults don't say , Simply stop asking .

After kindergarten , With more children , Ni Ping is happier than just fighting with her brother at home .

Just in bed at night , There is no mother nearby , She would be afraid .

She boarded , Every time every other month or even three months or more ,

To get far away from the school gate , See the figure of her mother .

My brother is different , I was picked up by my mother almost every day .

Little by little , Ni Ping feels the difference between her and her brother .

Once at home , My brother is holding a cream cake , Ask her if she wants to eat .

Children don't want to eat , But mom only gave it to her brother , I didn't buy it for Ni Ping .

She loves to make trouble , Remember the way my brother was proud of himself with a cake .

So when I eat cake again , While my brother is not paying attention , The little girl began to “ To spoil ”.

She caught a green worm from the tree , Wrap it with tree leaves , Then he stuffed it into the cake .

Brother didn't know there were insects in the cake , I took a bite and was shocked when I found out .

That's it , Ni Ping tasted the cake for the first time .

It was an age of material scarcity , Mother prefers her brother , She didn't understand until she grew up 、

by comparison , Grandma loves her very much .

In Ni Ping's memory , Grandma is a person who loves dressing up very much , Pay great attention to your image .

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