Chen Sicheng sent a message for Tong Liya's birthday on time: happy birthday, young forever!

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chen sicheng sent message tong

2021 year 8 month 8 Today is Tong Liya's birthday , It's just past zero , Chen Sicheng posted photos of Tong Liya holding her child playing the piano on her microblog , Allocation :“ Duoduo mom , Happy birthday, , be young forever !” This is the eighth year in a row . Chen Sicheng will send birthday wishes to Tong Liya . Just this time , The name has been changed . From the intimate address of his wife , Up to now, Duoduo's mother .

As early as 2016 year , Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng because 《 Beijing love story 》 Bond , After getting married, Tong Liya has given birth to a son . however ,2017 Beginning of the year , Chen Sicheng was photographed meeting two women at the hotel , Have an affair scandal , Cause a heated discussion . 8 month 8 Later, Tong Liya replied with a playful tongue and smile in the comment area , Sweet turn people , And shared birthday cake photos , call “ Thank you. ”.

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