A recent photo of Siqingaowa's third 18-year-old husband, 66, has been exposed, and she has been married for 30 years

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recent photo siqingaowa 18-year-old year

Among the older generation of powerful actors in China's performing arts circle , Siqingaowa definitely has a place . Engaged in performing arts for many years , Siqingaowa has starred in many classic works , Include 《 The Ricksha Boy 》、《 Big house door 》、《 Kangxi Dynasty 》 etc. .

Siqingaowa is Mongolian , Born into a military family , Her parents are both soldiers , When she was a child, her family often sang and danced with their feet , So Siqingaowa showed her acting talent very early , And in 27 I was selected by Changchun Film Studio at the age of , Officially started his acting career .

until 27 year , Siqingaowa was selected by the film studio , Starred in the first film of my life 《 Ode to occupation 》, The result is also due to special reasons , The film was not finished in the end .2 After year , Siqingaowa is on the screen again , a 《 Home like an arrow 》 Just started her decades of film career ! Over the next few decades , Siqingaowa has starred in countless classic works .

82 year , Si qingaowa and Zhang Fengyi played together 《 The Ricksha Boy 》, Let Siqingaowa become famous in one fell swoop , She not only got the double film through this work , Since then, it has created its own era !

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