Gentle lie: carambola has many admirers, but it ends its life by jumping off a building. What's wrong?

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gentle lie carambola admirers ends

《 A gentle lie 》 Directed by Guo Fanghong , jessie 、 An Zehao 、 Sun Ya et al , The contemporary urban series starring Wang Ou's friendship , The play is integrated into the workplace “ Hidden rules ”, And social ethical and moral elements such as marriage , Therefore, the whole play is immersed in ups and downs of emotional entanglement , Let the audience experience thrilling , Understand the truth .

Today's hero is carambola , She is the first beautiful woman in the first film , In real life, her name is Zhou Hong , Also a model , And it's a hair mold , Although it is not famous in the entertainment industry , In the early years, it was very famous in the modeling industry ,

Carambola played by Zhou Hong , He is also a famous model in the play , In addition to having a high appearance and good figure , Many people around her love her .

Carambola is at the peak of his career , Marry rich Li Yunfei ( Hou Tianlai ), Become a rich lady , She seems happy on the surface , In fact, life is not as good as fish get water , Keep an empty home every day , There is no hope of life .

Until Li Yunfei came up with a son , Little three, who has been raised for many years, also surfaced , Carambola collapse , Then , Stepdaughter Xiaowei's boyfriend has been harassing , She couldn't lift her head ;

In the comeback advertising , Destroyed by photographer Du Yu , It was she who provoked carambola , And it was she who destroyed carambola , after , Her best friend Susan's boyfriend harassed her , She broke up with her best friend .

When this happens , Carambola completely collapsed , Originally, life was full of thorns , Carambola was also retaliated by her stepdaughter and boyfriend , Eventually blind .

Homeless carambola , Taken in by the driver Da Kui , But I never thought , Da Kui who can't get carambola , Put sleeping pills in the quilt , As a result, carambola was bullied by many people , Finally, carambola chose to jump , End your sad life .

so to speak , Carambola is the most miserable woman in the gentle series , Her life is always controlled by others , Finally, choose to end your life with death , This kind of Carambola makes many viewers never forget , I can't come out of the play for a long time , So whose fault is carambola jumping off a building ?

In fact, the biggest mistake is to choose to marry a man much older than yourself at the beginning , It is because of him that carambola began to take the first step towards the abyss , It is also the starting point of Carambola tragedy ;

A man who once said he would be good to her all his life , I will only treat her coldly when I get it , Even meeting every day is a luxury , It seems that the rich family with infinite scenery is too broad , Life is actually monotonous ;

I make money to support you , Although very romantic , It also represents a man's sincerity for a moment , But this sentence will eventually expire , Women don't think this sentence will protect you , Life depends on yourself .

Conclusion :

Carambola's miserable life , First, the husband's infidelity , Then there is the shamelessness of the lover , Finally, social injustice , These three aspects completely destroyed a young girl .

marriage , It's because of love , It's the cooperation of the day , But after all, everything depends on yourself , Live in a man's Pay inside , After all, the gain is not worth the loss .

In today's society , Many women want to live a leisurely life , There is a husband who dotes on her , But there is still a gap between dream and reality , Women, please be kind to yourself !

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