It's enough to watch IU as a real example of a small man becoming beautiful

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watch iu real example small

Did the sisters find , The facial features of some girls may not be outstanding , But standing in the crowd feels like standing out of the crowd , You'll see her at first sight , I feel like a rich lady , Good self-restraint, good temperament ~

what's more , such “ At a glance, it's expensive ” The feeling of , It has nothing to do with height , Not to mention wearing a belt logo A big brand can be made , It's more about how the whole person feels to others ~

Guess who I thought of ? Is less than 1.6 meters tall , The facial features are flat and childish , But it can be regarded as an example of our little man becoming beautiful IU La .

IU You're not strangers, are you , In music, it is called “ South Korea's first woman solo”, There's nothing to say about acting ,《 Startling by each step : li 》、《 The druna Hotel 》 And other works are very popular .

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