QiaoXin airport health picture exposure, wearing three-point pants to show comic legs, really worthy of Bai Fumei

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qiaoxin airport health picture exposure

Speaking of Qiao Xin, I don't know if everyone knows anything about her ? She is an actress in mainland China , since 2012 Participated in family drama in 《 Qijiu river opens 》 after , Officially entered the entertainment industry ; It has been nearly 10 year , He also has rich acting experience .

2014 In, Qiao Xin appeared in a legendary costume drama 《 List of reed {langya} 》, This is a very charming ancient costume play , Although Qiao Xin only plays an insignificant supporting role , But it also shows more extraordinary acting strength ; After that, he acted in many film and television dramas , Deeply recognized by netizens .

But many friends know that Josh , Probably still in urban emotional drama 《 Ode to joy 》 in , She plays Guan juer in the play , Win wide attention with this role , And also won the annual TV drama newcomer award of iqiyi scream night , Strength and quality are highly praised .

Qiao Xin has been on the road for many years , Has a lot of film and television works , Although not particularly famous , But it is also a little flower that has been popular in recent years , Don't take the flow route , But the strength and quality are very outstanding , The future development potential is still very high .

If you pay attention to Qiao Xin , I believe many friends will know , Qiao Xin not only has outstanding business ability , Even fashion taste is very outstanding , Her original appearance condition is quite good , Good clothes give her great charm , All kinds of clothes are popular with young people .

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