"Spring feast" directed by Su Youpeng, the starring list surprised netizens and didn't know any of them

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spring feast directed su youpeng

When it comes to TV plays 《 Spring feast 》, Maybe many netizens feel familiar , Although the play hasn't started shooting yet , However, it has been revealed that casting and other contents have been disclosed for a long time .

Comprehensive, , The play is adapted from a novel , I have a lot of book powder , The story is really good , In addition, the TV series are also prepared according to large-scale production , So who will be the protagonist in the first place , Public speculation and some “ insider ” All the revelations point to the top stream to play the leading role .

But there is no official star cast in this play , There was no news even of the shooting .

And just recently , Some netizens found that the cast of the play was updated , And the director has determined , It seems that it has been formally planned .

The director is familiar to everyone , It's su Youpeng , Su Youpeng hasn't done much in recent years , But I already have experience as a director , Previous movies 《 Left ear 》 General public praise , But it has really made a lot of young artists popular .

But being a popular actor doesn't mean the play is good , Later, Su Youpeng directed the suspense film 《 Criminal suspect X The appearance of 》, Although the score is OK , But the real audience evaluation , It also means that the film is not very good .

It can be seen that Su Youpeng wants to try several more works , But from simple youth movies to complex suspense movies , He's not even sure , This time I know the costume drama , I don't know if there can be a new breakthrough .

Maybe costume drama is also su Youpeng's old business , From Yongqi to huawuduan , These are some ancient costume characters , I hope he can bring the play well .

However, what surprised netizens most about the play was the starring lineup .

It was said earlier that this play is likely to find a top-notch star , But the final star is almost irrelevant to the top stream , They are all newcomers .

The heroine sun Qian is 97 The girl of , Very young , I've made some youth dramas before , She's been known lately , Because she's in 《 I'm fine in a foreign country 》 Play inside “ material girl ”, Human design is not very pleasant , But the degree of discussion is quite high .

The hero Feng Xiangkun is 99 The boy of , There's little visibility , I've done a little work before , But most people probably haven't heard of .

Generally speaking, big production is to find famous actors to Starr , Then the supporting role arranges new people , It's kind of old and new , however 《 Spring feast 》 The actor arranged , Obviously, I'm going to let the newcomers pick the beam directly , The play is also heavy .

The play hasn't started shooting yet , So whether the play is good or not , We still don't know about Fu Hua Dao and scenery selection . However, the public still has expectations for the play .

For TV dramas , Choosing new actors is not necessarily a bad thing , Like this year's 《 Mountains and rivers make 》 In terms of actors , Almost all chose artists with average popularity , But the final answer was also good .

And besides the actors , The story design of the play may be more important , At the beginning of the original work, the heroine was poisoned , And then strangely become another person , Then set out to find out who hurt yourself , The hero is the first person suspected by the heroine .

Just such a design , It may be a unique part of the original novel , Whether the final TV series are still designed like this is unknown , Generally speaking, there are power and love in the novel , I also hope that TV dramas don't play too much love and ignore the heroine's own task .

about 《 Spring feast 》 The show , Everyone is looking forward to ?

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