Zou Zhaolong: the world knows that he is bad, but he is "very principled"!

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zou zhaolong world knows bad

With the closing of the Tokyo Olympic Games , The most unforgettable event of this time , Also announce a paragraph .

Although the Tokyo Olympic Games make complaints about many things , But for the Chinese sports team , The results are quite rich , Total medals 88 gold , Just like the closing ceremony 8 month 8 On this day , It seems to have a good moral .

There are also many athletes who have been successfully familiar with the audience at home and abroad in the Olympic Games , For example, Asian flying man Su Bingtian , Diving champion Quan hongchan , And ring champion Liu Yang .

Among them, Liu Yang was played badly as a joke player , Because the expression of Liu Yang's ring was found by netizens to look like martial arts star Zou Zhaolong .

At that time, Liu Yang's expression was very similar to Zou Zhaolong's expression in the film , It looks very drag , But afterwards, Liu Yang explained that it was because of a cramp in his thumb , Will have this expression !

But even so , Liu Yang's expression at that time , Zou Zhaolong's performance in film and television plays is very similar , To some extent, it has brought a wave of attention to Zou Zhaolong .

If you often watch Hong Kong and Taiwan TV dramas , Zou Zhaolong is naturally no stranger .

Zou Zhaolong was also a martial arts double when he was young , Then he threw it under Hong Jinbao's door , Worship Hong Jinbao as a teacher , This is also the first apprentice announced by Hong Jinbao .

But it's a pity , Because there are too many people in Hong's class , Zou Zhaolong, who has no background, is Hong Jinbao's big apprentice , But it has not been reused by Hong Jinbao , All the roles are small .

until 1993 year , Wang Jing is preparing to shoot 《 Lord of the demon sect in the legend of dragon killing 》, The selection of the villain song Qingshu has never been decided , Until I met Zou Zhaolong , That evil look , Plus the right age , The most important thing is that Kung Fu is quite good ! In this way, Zou Zhaolong played the role of song Qingshu , This is also the beginning of Zou Zhaolong's landing on the big screen .

Then in Jet Li's 《 Zhongnanhai bodyguard 》《 Chizi Weilong 》《 Adventure King 》 Waiting for the movie , Zou Zhaolong is playing Jet Li's nemesis , Because both of them have kung fu , at the nearly same level , So the martial arts moves are wonderful .

Even jet li himself commented “ Shoot Zou Zhaolong , diamond cut diamond , It was a good fight !”

It can be seen how good Zou Zhaolong's martial arts level is , The authoritative media also gave Zou Zhaolong a high evaluation , Zou Zhaolong and jet li , Jackie Chan , Donnie Yen is a Kung Fu expert with complete fighting ability , But Zou Zhaolong has never won a martial arts champion , I'm a little discouraged .

However, the film and television plays that really make Zou Zhaolong famous still owe to Stephen Chow's 《 Nine grade sesame official 》, stay 《 Nine grade sesame official 》 In this movie , Zou Zhaolong's Chang Wei can be said to have played the bad guys to the peak , No matter the expression , Or words , It's all deep into the bones , People can't forget this bad man .

It is no wonder that , Liu Yang's twist on the ring killed , People remember the role of Chang Wei at a glance .

Zou Zhaolong Cheng and Chang Wei , Destruction is also a constant threat , Because Chang Wei is too successful , Zou Zhaolong was also raped by the Internet in those years , To keep yourself out of trouble , I have to say it was played by my twin brother .

Fortunately, Zou Zhaolong's acting skills are excellent , Plus the first-class level of martial arts , Although I haven't starred , But there is still a film appointment .2000 year , Yuan Heping, who is far away in the United States, invited Zou Zhaolong to serve as 《 The matrix 》 Martial arts guidance and training of actors , Can make yuan Heping stretch out an olive branch , It is conceivable that Zou Zhaolong still has some strength .

But even so , It was in the United States , The status of Chinese actors is still limited , Several times the crew wanted Zou Zhaolong to play the villain , But Zou Zhaolong firmly opposes .

For this matter, Zou Zhaolong said in an interview , Express oneself “ Don't mind playing villains at home , Anyway, I'm Chinese , But abroad , At Hollywood , The image that China has built up in foreign countries , You can't destroy the national image because of your villain !”

Zou Zhaolong said so , That's how it's done , stay 《 The matrix 2》 Although Zou Zhaolong plays a role , But this character is not a villain , On the contrary, he is decent , Prophet guardian !

I thought Zou Zhaolong was used to playing villains , Great opportunity in the United States , It's also a good chance to be famous in Hollywood , I didn't know Zou Zhaolong was so conscious , It's really moving !

People have to look at Zou Zhaolong with new eyes , It's strange that Zou Zhaolong plays a bad man , But I didn't expect his position to be so firm , Such Zou Zhaolong is really unusual !

Now Zou Zhaolong is developing in the Mainland , The acting style has also begun to diversify , No longer the bad character you used to be , Like the TV play 《 Zhao Zilong, the martial god 》, The movie 《 Four famous captors 》 in , His characters are gradually changing .

Although in his career , The proportion of playing bad guys is relatively high , But Zou Zhaolong is really not bad at all ! What bad thoughts can a person with such a firm position abroad have !

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