Yu enli made his debut with his mother Yi Nengjing. Did he break up with Guan Xuan's little girlfriend?

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yu enli debut mother yi

53 Yi Nengjing is still playing soft waxy baby sound , Dress up like a girl and jump on the stage , There seems to be no sense of disobedience at all .

until 19 Yu enli, the eldest son, announced his way , People realize that Yi Nengjing is really no longer young , Her children are so old .

I can't help but say , Yu enli suddenly parachuted into the entertainment circle to make his debut , There are two sounds in it : One is supported , This group of netizens think his father is Yu Chengqing , Mother is Yi Nengjing , Their talent and status in the entertainment industry are obvious to all .

that , Little Harry with good genes from his parents , Since childhood, painting talent has been quite strong . When I grow up , It is easy to control both lyrics, music and dance , Mixed entertainment is perfect . After all , Yi Nengjing has sung her son's works on various occasions , And in little Harry's self introduction , You can hear a lot of titles , It can be seen that he is still versatile .

Opponents believe that little Harry, who is keen on women's clothes , Perhaps we should first correct some behaviors that are not accepted by the secular world , Come out again . Otherwise , Easily lead to bad fans .

But anyway , Mother Yi Nengjing has used her contacts to pave the way for her son , Many friends in the entertainment circle cheered Yu enli's debut , Including stepfather Qin Hao , Only my father Yu Chengqing didn't speak . So I don't know what Yu Chengqing's attitude towards little Harry's debut is ?

At this time , Some netizens remembered that little Harry had a little girlfriend when he was studying abroad , Affectionately shouted my favorite LAN sister . at that time , No mother around , They look quite close . Hang out on the streets late at night , Eat roadside stalls together , Take the bus together , What those hot lovers do , They've all done it together .

that , He made his debut , But never mentioned the situation with his girlfriend , Everyone wondered whether Yi Nengjing told her son to break up with her girlfriend ?

We found the social platform of our little girlfriend , I found that she recently received an advertisement for ice cream , Eating cold food with an intoxicated face , Be called by netizens , I really want to be a popsicle , It's up to you .

And below the post , Little Harry left an affectionate message , I miss you . So it seems , The two were not completely asked to disconnect , But it's also a reality that two people are separated .

therefore , Netizens began to open their brains , Some people think Yi Nengjing probably doesn't accept this daughter-in-law , So I'm going to beat mandarin ducks with a stick , Bring your son back , And gave him a new life , Let him break his previous thoughts .

But some people think , Harry's little girlfriend turned out to be a flat model , Now you can answer advertisements , Maybe Yi Nengjing plans to entrust two families with one hand , Bring your son and daughter-in-law out , So I didn't stop my son from contacting his little girlfriend . You think the future , Will Yi Nengjing be a good mother-in-law ? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section , Thank you very much .

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