Wu Yifan is exposed to be fined 500 million yuan and may see his ex girlfriend Qin Niu Zhengwei on TV every night

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wu yifan exposed fined million

8 month 9 Japan , A well-known entertainment blogger broke the news on his microblog that , Affected by the negative scandal of Wu Yifan's detention , The brands and producers that have cooperated with Wu Yifan have suffered heavy losses , At present, the producer and several commercial companies have recovered up to... From Wu Yifan's mother 5 Liquidated damages of 100 million yuan , It also said that more brands would make claims later .

All Meizhu exposed Wu Yifan's scandal , When it aroused heated discussion among netizens , Wu Yifan's brand has issued a document announcing the termination of the contract with Wu Yifan , After Wu Yifan was arrested , Some lawyers interpreted it as , All major brands that have announced the termination of the contract have the right to claim against Wu Yifan .

In addition to endorsing the brand , Wu Yifan also has a TV play to be broadcast 《 Green hairpin line 》, The play was supposed to announce its broadcast time in the near future , After Wu Yifan incident , The broadcast time of the play is unknown , at present ,《 Green hairpin line 》 The official wechat has cleared the microblog , Only a publicity campaign without stills of male and female protagonists , Many netizens speculate that 《 Green hairpin line 》 Want to broadcast smoothly later , There may be AI Face changing , At that time, there were rumors that Chen Feiyu would carry out AI Change your face and play the original role of Wu Yifan , however , Chen Feiyu quickly denied the news .

Since Wu Yifan was arrested , Outside news about him has never stopped ,8 month 8 Friday night , The program broadcast list of Beijing Satellite TV is also related to Wu Yifan .

TV play 《 Dear parents 》 Fixed file Beijing Satellite TV , The play will be with 《 Black storm 》 Perform overlay ,《 Black storm 》 Wu Yifan's former teammate Zhang Yixing participated in the performance ,《 Dear parents 》 Then there is Wu Yifan's ex girlfriend Qin Niu Zhengwei .

The reason why it is said that it has something to do with Wu Yifan , Some netizens broke the news that Beijing Satellite TV is the designated TV station of Chaoyang District detention center , There is only one fixed watch station in the detention center every night , It's Beijing Satellite TV , In the evening 6 See... At half past ten 9 around , Then I'll turn off the TV and have a rest , The prisoners in the detention center will watch .

Beijing Satellite TV repeats 《 Black storm 》 and 《 Dear parents 》, Wu Yifan may be able to see former teammate Zhang Yixing and ex girlfriend Qin Niu Zhengwei on TV .

Two days before , Some netizens mentioned Wu Yifan in Qin Niu Zhengwei's comment area , Qin Niu Zhengwei met a netizen “ Please die ” The expression pack , Express dissatisfaction with netizens' mindless eating melons .

Since Wu Yifan was arrested , The news painting style of Wu Yifan is getting more and more biased , The passages about Wu Yifan are one after another , Wu Yifan is even more widely reported by external newspapers .

Singapore newspapers reported the whole detailed development of the Wu Yifan incident , And made a small reply G Anna incident , The title is more directly called :“ If Wu Yifan returns to Canada , Fear “ Chemical castration ””.

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