"Yearning" is full of material! Huang Yali's official declaration and certificate, Jin Jing's admission of love, and Zhang Yixing's concerns about love

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yearning material huang yali official

Following 《 Challenge the limit 》 After finishing first ,《 Running man 》、《 Desired life 》 Also entered the first stage , Especially those with a booming reputation 《 Look forward to 5》, Its ending is bound to attract a large number of viewers !

7 month 2 Friday night ,《 Look forward to 5》 The first 11 The issue is on-line , Except he Jiong 、 Huang Lei 、 Zhang Yi Xing 、 Peng Yuchang and Zhang Zifeng continue to accompany the audience ,“ Mushroom house ” There are also two happy comedians ―― Jinjing 、 Sheng Ying Liu , Two people with a smile together , There's no need for anyone else to take the rhythm , The two of them are enough to support a comedy .

As the saying goes “ Pretty leather bags are the same , One in a million interesting souls ”, Jinjing 、 Although Liu Shengying is not a beauty in the strict sense , But the good thing is humor , Have talent . In particular, opening your mouth can rhyme your promotion , The forefoot was just 《 Run! 》 After teasing Cai Xukun , On the back foot 《 Look forward to 》, To Zhang Yixing battle Challenge , Zhang Yixing “ Coax ” I was stunned , Don't be so funny .

Except for smiling on the screen , The latest issue is also the most anticipated issue in the history of the program ! Huang Yali 、 Jin Jing revealed her emotional state one after another , Even talk “ Don't know love ” The lay of , Also talked about emotional concerns for the first time .

Huang Yali officially declared and obtained the certificate , Jin Jing admits that love , Jin Qi CP It's over

《 Look forward to 5》 Since the revision , The length of stay of the flying guests has become a mystery , Andy 、 Li Dan 、 Chen he stayed for three days , Na Ying 、 Liang Jing stayed one night and left in a hurry ,10 The human tree planting team withdrew after finishing its work , Only Huang Yali stayed .

Maybe he didn't treat the guests as outsiders , Huang Lei 5 For the first time since the season , He gave the task of cooking to two disciples , Zhang Yixing is in charge of cooking , Peng Yuchang is responsible for cooking , The two brothers don't want to be too strong together . Although dinner is not the most sumptuous , But there is Jin Jing 、 Liu Shengying warms up , The atmosphere reached a climax , Huang Yali directly announced the license to the official .

According to Huang Yali , She has got a marriage license , And married to her first love , They have gone through a total of 16 It took years to achieve the right result , and 16 In the middle of the year 13 It was a long-distance relationship . Have to say , Can marry your first love , It's definitely an unexpected thing , Huang Yali chose to 《 Look forward to 》 Official announcement , Enough to show her trust in the program .

In addition to Huang Yali, the official announced the wedding news , Jin Jing also admitted publicly for the first time that she was in love , It's consistent with the news of being photographed dating a man , Jin Qi CP This is to be Did you? ? as everyone knows , Jin Jing has boarded the live broadcast room of Li Jiaqi for many times , The two worked together and were close , Being ridiculed is a match made in heaven , Not only do netizens want them to be together , Even Sabine 、 Zhang zhehan and other stars also ate their CP.

Zhang Yixing first fell in love and encouraged , A strong sense of responsibility

This time Jin Jing is 《 Look forward to 》 Be generous in admitting love ,CP The powder is still loose ! Maybe infected by the happiness of others , Zhang Yixing boldly asked how they balanced love and work . Need to know , Jinjing 、 Liu Shengying and Huang Yali are not first-line artists , In fact, their work is not endless all year round , Zhang Yixing is obviously talking about his concerns .

original , Zhang Yixing doesn't know what love is , But afraid of not having time to accompany his girlfriend after falling in love , Will feel sorry for each other , So I don't want to fall in love .

To be fair , Man's life cannot be filled with work ,30 Years old Zhang Yixing has really reached the age of love and family , If you choose not to fall in love just because you are afraid you can't take care of each other , It's a bit groundless , I still hope he can take a brave step towards love ! What do you think? ?# Jin Jing is in love #

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