"I really love you" Douban has a score of 5.2. The plot is unreasonable. There are only two normal people in the whole play

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really love douban score 5.2.

《 I really love you 》 Bean petals open 5.2

During this time, the top three of the network popularity of domestic dramas have been 《 I really love you 》、《 You are my glory 》 and 《 Yulouchun 》 Three plays dominate , however 《 Song with Jun 》 As soon as it started broadcasting, it jumped to the second place , It can be seen that the strength of Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi cannot be underestimated .

《 Song with Jun 》 Although the heat is temporarily pressing the heat of Reba and Yang Yang 《 You are my glory 》, But it still didn't shake 《 I really love you 》 At the top of the heat list , I have to say that TV dramas with female themes are really audience protection .

《 I really love you 》 Own Liu Tao 、 Du Chun 、 Li Nian 、 Yuan Wenkang and other strong cast , In addition, the play focuses on female families 、 In the workplace 、 Marriage and other hot topics , It's understandable that the heat is at the top of the list .

Although it has bright ratings and popularity , however 《 I really love you 》 The Douban score didn't open until the grand finale , Surprisingly, nearly one-third of the people made a one-star bad comment , At present, the comprehensive score is only 5.2.

Why is that ?

The plot doesn't make sense

At the beginning of the broadcast , Topics related to women's workplace and childbirth in the play are frequently on the hot search list , It has caused a lot of heated discussion , Many netizens think the topic of the play is very realistic , Can resonate with women .

According to the broadcasting quality at that time, the score of the play could reach 7 More than , It's a good score in domestic dramas , But the more the plot is broadcast later, the more outrageous it is , It can even be said to be unreasonable .

All this starts with Chen jiaorui's divorce .

At that time, Chen jiaorui had a good relationship with her husband Mo Ming before giving birth , But less than two months after giving birth , Chen jiaorui decides to divorce Mo Ming , Even if it's because of the children and the mother-in-law 、 If the husband has contradictions, he won't go to the step of divorce , It looks confusing .

After the divorce, Mo Ming was fired for medical trouble , The director introduced him to other hospitals , Mo Ming, a good doctor doesn't do , A pediatrician in a third class hospital went to the confinement center as a security guard , Totally unreasonable .

Xiao Yan, who has strong women in the workplace, regards her competitor Chen jiaorui as her friend 、 Mind your own business , In particular, the performance after coming to the moon center is completely inconsistent with the human design , The plot doesn't make sense at all .

It's almost the end , Another story about Youya's car accident and miscarriage , The cause of the whole thing was that Youya wanted to go out for a barbecue , I really admire the writer's brain hole .

The second half of the whole play is full of unreasonable plots , Here is not a list .

There are only two normal people in the whole play

Except that the plot doesn't make sense , The characters in the whole play seem to have more or less problems , Just Qi Bin and Xiao Xi .

Liu Tao's heroine Xiao Yan is a strong woman in the workplace , After a while, Chen jiaorui, who was dressed as a pig to eat a tiger, had all kinds of Yin , Xiao Yan doesn't fight back, but meddles in her own business “ help ” others , It's not easy to have a Qi Bin who loves her , She broke up regardless of Qi Bin's feelings .

Mo Ming, the man played by Du Chun, is even more inexplicable , I worked as an online car Hailing driver after my divorce from Chen jiaorui 、 Security staff , When she was down, she was saved by Xiao Yan , But he has been working against Xiao Yan , Pity Chen jiaorui and Li Meie , While talking to Xiao Yan “ willing to help but unable to do so ” At the same time, he showed a good impression on Xiao Yan .

You ya and Yan Zhi are optional , It feels like gathering numbers .

Youya hasn't been to work all day , But talking with working mothers about being a stay at home mother is very happy , Turn around and be beaten in the face by reality , My best friend Xiao Yan has been trying her best to help her , But she didn't appreciate it , Turn around and beg Xiao Yan , The performance after the accident and abortion is too exaggerated .

Yan Zhi has always been Xiao Yan's confidant , Xiao Yan really treated him , But Chen jiaorui cheated him by making a small plan , The wall grass Yan Zhi began to act as Chen jiaorui's “ Tool man ”, Began to question Xiao Yan , He also helped Chen jiaorui speak well in front of Mo Ming , Finally, it's even more puzzling to suddenly care about Youya .

Cheng Haonan is always in front of “ Good man ” Image , But after bankruptcy, he completely changed , Treating Youya is humiliating in every way , The contrast is too big , Not like a normal person .

Li Meie did all kinds of damage in the center of the moon after Xiao Yan threatened her , After being expelled, her performance at Chen jiaorui's house also looked abnormal , I don't know what she wants to do .

Compared with the above abnormal characters , Qi Bin and Xiao Xi in the play always stand firm , Human design remains the same from beginning to end , As a lawyer, Qi Bin treats work rationally , Treat your lover romantically and accommodate , A good man .

Although Xiao Xi is a supporting role , Not many appearances , But her lovely round face also sucks powder , Every time there is her plot, she is simply talking about the matter , Avoid leaning to either side , Typical workplace white .

《 I really love you 》 Another episode will have a big ending , But the current plot doesn't match the title , People can't see what the play wants to express , It is also entirely due to the advantages of female themes and the acting skills of actors .

With theme advantages and a strong cast , But the feeling of the plot is to fool the audience , The eyes of the masses are bright , This is Douban 5.2 It's really not unjust !

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