Why divorce after half a year of marriage? Fang Qingzhuo remarried and married his little husband. His marriage has been rough for 31 years

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divorce half year marriage fang

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Fang Qingzhuo

Fang Qingzhuo became famous very early ,1987 In, he starred in a TV series 《 Snow field 》, Won the 7th Chinese TV series “ Flying Award ” Best Actress Award .2011 year , She also starred in public welfare films 《 Runaway mother 》, Won the best actress award of the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival .

career 41 year , Fang Qingzhuo starred 《 Huang Sao Tian osmanthus 》《 New return to zhugge 》《 Don't take bean bags as dry food 》《 By the new holy water lake 》《 Sun and moon 》 etc. 100 Many films and TV plays , Still active in the film and television industry .

Fang Qingzhuo had a failed marriage , Why did she divorce after half a year of marriage ,?1990 year , She married her little self 4 Year old unmarried man Shen Xiaomeng , What is their emotional state now ?


Fang Qingzhuo 1955 Born in Dalian, Liaoning , His father Fang Bing is a famous writer 、 Poet , It's a popular song 《 Sing two little songs and show off the cowherd 》 The author of the word . Fang Bing 1914 Born in Huainan, Anhui Province ,1938 He took part in the revolution , He used to fight guerrillas in the Shanxi Chahar Hebei border area .

Fang Qingzhuo and his father

After the liberation , Fang Bing served as director of Dalian Municipal Bureau of culture 、 Vice chairman of Liaoning Writers Association , He is a member of the Chinese Writers Association .1997 year , Fang Bing died of illness .

Fang Qingzhuo's mother Yu Qi is a Russian translator , Yu Qi's mother is a real Russian , Born in Tomsk, Siberia , Later, he married far away in Northeast China . So Fang Qingzhuo has a quarter of Russian descent .

Fang Qingzhuo is the eldest daughter of the family , There are two sisters below . Influenced by parents , Fang Qingzhuo has loved reading since childhood 、 Writing and acting , She is recognized as a talented woman .

1972 year ,17 Fang Qingzhuo graduated from high school , Let's go down to Yingkou rural area and jump the queue . Two years later, , Fang Qingzhuo was admitted to Yingkou cultural work group , In the regiment, she reported the curtain , Learn to play Allegro again , Play the Sanxian and Liuqin .

Young Fang Qingzhuo

1979 year , Fang Bing was transferred to Liaoning writers' Association , The whole family moved to Shenyang , Fang Qingzhuo was admitted to Shenyang local opera troupe . When he was young, Fang Qingzhuo was slim , Face like autumn moon , It's the first beauty .

1981 year , Liaoning TV station is preparing to shoot the first TV play 《 The last bus 》, Choose Fang Qingzhuo to play the heroine . The play won the third prize in the selection of national excellent TV dramas in that year , Fang Qingzhuo is famous in Liaoning .

As a talented woman of scholarly family , Personal and family conditions are outstanding , Fang Qingzhuo has become the object of admiration of the opposite sex .27 At the age of , Fang Qingzhuo is in love , My boyfriend works in a cultural unit in Shenyang .

Fall in love 1 After year , Fang Qingzhuo got married . After marriage, Fang Qingzhuo began to toss , She is not satisfied to be an ordinary actor in Shenyang dialect troupe , I want to make movies and TV plays , Let the career rise to a new height .

Fang Qingzhuo 《 Spring dawn in drum Township 》 Still

At that time, the whole country 8 Big film studios prepare many new films every year , As long as Fang Qingzhuo gets the news , Just go to the audition at your own expense . Each transportation fee 、 Room and board are not small expenses , And she hasn't been elected once .

After hitting the wall again and again , Fang Qingzhuo is still not discouraged , Often hurt often war , Colleagues joked that she was “ The star who tried the lens ”. At that time, Fang Qingzhuo's salary was not high , That's not enough money to spend , She often asks her husband for money and goes out to audition .

The husband couldn't accept Fang Qingzhuo's restlessness , The emotional rift between the two is getting bigger and bigger . Marriage becomes a fetter of career , This is not the life Fang Qingzhuo wants . Married for half a year , Fang Qingzhuo reluctantly divorced .


After the divorce, Fang Qingzhuo was in a bad mood , Zhao Xiaoning, her best friend and colleague, comforted and enlightened her patiently , Accompany Fang Qingzhuo through the most difficult years .

Fang Qingzhuo

once , Fang Qingzhuo and Zhao Xiaoning auditioned at the same time , As a result, Fang Qingzhuo chose , Zhao Xiaoning didn't choose . This thing has estranged the two best friends , until 30 After year , Fang Qingzhuo untied this knot .

1986 year , Liaoning TV drama production center prepares to shoot TV dramas 《 Romantic widow 》, The director contacted Fang Qingzhuo on the phone , Warmly invited her to play the heroine 、 widow “ Wu Qiuxiang ”. Fang Qingzhuo became angry as soon as he heard the play name :“ Why let me play such a play ?” Then he hung up the phone .

The director didn't lose heart , Send the deputy director to send the script to Fang Qingzhuo . Fang Qingzhuo finished reading the script overnight , While watching, I shed tears , Deeply moved by Wu Qiuxiang's fate .

Fang Qingzhuo and his sister Fang Qingyuan

It is worth mentioning that , Fang Qingzhuo didn't ask for a penny , All of them were given to the crew . In her opinion , They pay more than themselves , It's harder .

1987 year ,《 Romantic widow 》 Renamed as 《 Snow field 》 It's on TV , Cause a huge stir . Fang Qingzhuo “ Wu Qiuxiang ” In the corner of , Won the Chinese TV series “ Flying Award ” Best Actress Award , Spring into fame .

Since then, Fang Qingzhuo's film appointments have poured in , She was successively elected as a model worker in Shenyang 、 Women represent , Various certificates and trophies are put on a wall .

Young Shen Xiaomeng

1989 year , Fang Qingzhuo took over a film reflecting Shenzhen's reform and opening up , With the photographer 、 The artist Shen Xiaomeng sparked love . Shen Xiaomeng is from Beijing , Grew up in the air force compound . He is younger than Fang Qingzhuo 4 year , Always unmarried and single . Although young , But he has been the camera of many film and television dramas . Shen Xiaomeng is silent , Show a deep look of a man .

Fang Qingzhuo talks a lot , straight talk from an honest man , I like men like Shen Xiaomeng . Shen Xiaomeng also admires Fang Qingzhuo's beauty and talent , Keep up with her . As long as Fang Qingzhuo plays , He stuck in her room and refused to leave .

After the two are in a relationship , Fang Qingzhuo's parents and sister disagree , I don't think it's reliable for her to find Shen Xiaomeng . At that time, several outstanding members of the opposite sex were pursuing Fang Qingzhuo , Her family advised her to associate with each other . But Fang Qingzhuo has a special love for Shen Xiaomeng .


1990 year , She married Shen Xiaomeng without telling her family , They set up their home in Shenyang . The next year, his son Shen Jeff was born .

The movie 《 Wonderful exploration 》 posters

Fang Qingzhuo and his son

The son is not yet born 100 God , Fang Qingzhuo took over the film produced by Beijing Film Studio 《 Wonderful exploration 》. Shen Xiaomeng pushed off the work at hand , Take care of your son wholeheartedly at home 、 Do housework , Let Fang Qingzhuo shoot at ease .

The first years of marriage , Fang Qingzhuo and her little husband don't fit in well , Often quarrel . At first, they had friction , Her husband still hugged her , Say sweet words to coax her . Later, more than once , Shen Xiaomeng lost patience .

Once they had friction because they took care of their son , Fang Qingzhuo opens the window , Shen Xiaomeng thought she was going to jump off a building , Hurry up and hold her at the waist , Then say something nice to make her happy .

After that, Fang Qingzhuo opened the window as soon as he quarreled , A number of more , It doesn't work . After the quarrel, Fang Qingzhuo began to flirt with her husband , Let her husband coax her . The couple are noisy , But very much in love , Fang Qingzhuo never wanted to divorce .

Fang Qingzhuo and Shen Xiaomeng

1996 year , Fang Qingzhuo is very popular in the Northeast , I want to go to Beijing to develop . So she went south with the information , Contact with many literary and artistic groups in Beijing , I hope the other party can accept myself .

The other party thinks she's not from a major , Age is not dominant , Politely refused . Only Beijing Youth Film Studio agreed to accept Fang Qingzhuo , But the offer is : Fang Qingzhuo can't divide the house , You can't get paid , You can't have a Beijing hukou . After the expiration of the employment contract , Fang Qingzhuo goes back to the Northeast , Automatic disengagement from film studios .

Such harsh conditions are hard for Fang Qingzhuo to accept . Back to home , She said to her husband sadly :“ I'm already famous in the Northeast , Why don't they accept me ?” Shen Xiaomeng told her :“ Better to ask for yourself than for others , You really want to go to Beijing to develop , We're not looking for anyone , Just do it yourself .”

With the support of her husband ,1996 year , Fang Qingzhuo smashed the iron rice bowl of Shenyang dialect troupe , Came to Beijing with her husband and son to develop . There is no unit behind Fang Qingzhuo , Is an individual actor , We are always faced with survival crisis .

Fang Qingzhuo 《 The head of a village 》 Still

under these circumstances , Shen Xiaomeng set up her own film and television company , We have launched 《 The head of a village 》《 Let's move on 》《 Father is a chameleon 》 Wait for many films and TV plays .

Little by little , Fang Qingzhuo opened the situation , At first, the director and producer asked her to film . After saving a sum of money for filming , Fang Qingzhuo bought a set in the suburbs of Beijing 500 Square meter house .


House prices were low at that time , Now it has appreciated dozens of times , Many people praised Fang Qingzhuo for his strategic vision . In this regard, Fang Qingzhuo said :“ There is no strategic vision ? I wasn't confident then , Just want to buy a big house to prove to others .”

Fang Qingzhuo

Such a big house is decorated , It's all Shen Xiaomeng , Fang Qingzhuo didn't even buy a nail . After moving into a new house , Fang Qingzhuo, who has always been optimistic, said this :“ Finally, I don't have to rent any more .” Then she cried .

Because there is no economic pressure , Shen Xiaomeng gave up her job , Take care of your son at home 、 Take care of the housework , Go all out to support Fang Qingzhuo in filming .

Shen Xiaomeng is a low-key and simple man , Love staying up late watching football , No bad habits . He has no complaint , Even if Fang Qingzhuo is resting at home , He also does housework and three meals a day .

Shen Xiaomeng and his son

Once Fang Qingzhuo was tired of filming outside , Go home in a bad mood , Stumbling with her husband . She shouted out on impulse “ divorce ” Two words . Tears welled up in his son's eyes , Asked pitifully :“ Mom , What shall I do if you are divorced ?”

His son's expression hurt Fang Qingzhuo's heart , She apologized to her son in tears :“ I'm sorry , Mom shouldn't have said such a thing , Mom will never divorce Dad , Our family will never break up .”

Everything goes well at home . Over the years , Fang Qingzhuo took the picture again 《 Our best decade 》《 The red flag is rolling with the west wind 》《 My veteran grandfather 》 And so on , Has been active in the film and television industry .

Fang Qingzhuo

do a movie 《 Runaway mother 》 when , Fang Qingzhuo will 6 Ten thousand yuan was paid to the prototype character Chen Yurong , She only left 1 Ten thousand yuan , The rest of the money was distributed to the rest of the crew .

Shen Xiaomeng takes care of the company , While taking care of the family . Some people think Shen Xiaomeng has no job , I think Fang Qingzhuo's life is unhappy .

Fang Qingzhuo said seriously :“ He works under more pressure than me , The role is more important than me . Son's education and growth , He handles all aspects of the family , I'm very grateful to Xiaomeng , He didn't work hard behind his back , I can't do so many scenes .”

Fang Qingzhuo

2021 year 8 month , Fang Qingzhuo remarried with Shen Xiaomeng 31 Years. , The son is also an adult . For a long time , After the couple went through running in , The relationship is getting better and better , More and more inseparable from each other .

In Fang Qingzhuo's opinion , I am in my marriage with Shen Xiaomeng , Is the biggest beneficiary !


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