Wang Sicong is suspected of having a new relationship. He is photographed shopping with a young woman. They are close to each other

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wang sicong suspected having new

The matter between Wang Sicong and sun Yining is not over yet , It is suspected that there are new peach blossoms !7 month 9 Japan , Some media showed a picture of Wang Sicong and a beautiful woman shopping in the mall , They loved each other all the way , How sweet it is .

On that day, Wang Sicong was dressed in white short sleeves , Take a red Rolls Royce and appear in a business center , Still keep a high profile .

After getting off the bus, Wang Sicong went straight into a luxury store , There are already two women, one man and three people waiting inside , Then the group began to choose in the store .

There was a young woman in purple , Getting closer and closer to Wang Sicong , Sit next to the stool for trying on shoes , The staff in the shop followed them with several pairs of women's shoes , It seems that Wang Sicong brought his sister out to do the shopping this time .

The woman is carrying a Chanel handbag worth tens of thousands of yuan , Sit on your seat and try on your shoes . After the girl finished the test , Wang Sicong also tried several pairs of men's shoes , I haven't left the purple goddess for half a step , Like a pair of conjoined babies .

Since I'm out shopping , Naturally, I won't just look at one . Soon the party went to another luxury store to shop . Wang Sicong tightly hugged the shoulder of the woman in purple , Two people are very close to each other , The girl also played with Wang Sicong's fingers , It seems that the relationship is not ordinary intimacy .

This time, Wang Sicong also changed his old grumpy temper , Become very gentle , Meet female fans and ask for a group photo , Also politely refuse each other , Take the initiative to feed the woman in purple at dinner .

After walking down the street for dinner , Wang Sicong and his party went to a bar to continue their nightlife , But this time the woman in purple didn't continue to play , But take Wang Sicong's Rolls Royce , Carrying a cart of booty back to his home .

Because there are too many things to buy , A woman in purple can't take it at one time , Also specially called a friend to help pick up the goods at the door of the community .

Not long ago, Wang Sicong and sun Yining made a lot of noise , He begged sun Yining but could not , Then he threatened the woman many times , It also caused a lot of controversy .

I didn't expect to see you for a few days , Wang Sicong has a new goal , This time, the woman's figure and appearance are not inferior to sun Yining . Wang Sicong is also very generous to his new girlfriend , Thousands of luxury goods are bought without blinking .

Now it seems , This is probably why so many girls know that Wang Sicong has a rich love history , But still willing to fall in love with each other .

Speaking of it, Wang Sicong's female companion really didn't break , After the affair with sun Yining was exposed , Many media have photographed him holding a young woman in a bar , Attend a friend's wedding with a new girlfriend , People around me changed one after another . Bar disco , Outdoor shopping , Life is as natural and unrestrained as ever .

But so far , The identity of this female companion has not been uncovered yet , I don't know how long the two sides will be together this time , People who eat melons might as well wait for the follow-up .

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