The decline of resources, the ridicule of the staff and the withdrawal from the running man, baby's situation actually augurs well

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decline resources ridicule staff withdrawal

writing / Hui theory

These days , Don't get some heat out , How can it be regarded as a qualified variety show ?

To have a first 《 Fifty kilometers to Taohuawu 》, After the 《 Cute detective 》, When two variety shows are broadcast , Contributed a lot of hot search .

stay 《 Fifty kilometers to Taohuawu 》 in , First there is Su mang “650 Yuan is not enough to eat ”, Later, Song Dandan told Guo Qilin 、 Wang Sulong and other guests “ Aunt's inquiry ”, Attract netizens to make complaints about it .

And in the 《 Cute detective 》 in , At the program press conference , Da Naying, the eldest sister in the music world, solemnly apologized to Yang Zi , In the first episode of the program , Na Ying sent a message to Yang Zi on the social platform again .

Whether it's a guest “ slip of tongue ”, Or the program group “ On purpose ”.

The fact proved that , With “ Drawback ”, The program has a heat , Soon , Both variety shows have hit the hit list .

thought , With the popularity of variety shows, they will be carried out step by step .

Until in the new issue of 《 Cute detective 》 in , The program group invited baby.

Only then did I find out ,“ Good play ” Just getting started .

In the new issue 《 Cute detective 》 in , The theme of the new issue is very classic 《 The white snake 》.

In order to be able to “ Close to ” The theme , The program group specially invited 《 The legend of the bride 》 Medium “ White lady ” Zhao Yazhi participated in the program .

But Zhao Yazhi didn't play “ White lady ”, But played the virgin of Lishan .

The white lady is played by Huang Shengyi , Xiaoqing is a flying guest baby Play the role of .

During the game ,baby Huang Zitao was originally supposed to be the one who hit it off , however baby After the interaction , Believe in playing “ Xu Xian ” Sun Honglei is also a very good candidate .

therefore ,baby A sense of variety ,“ From a temporary point of view ”, Decided to join hands with sun Honglei .

Interesting things happen here .

baby Subconsciously ask Huang Zitao's opinion , Unexpectedly, sun Honglei asked after hearing this baby:

“ You have to ask , What's up? , Just ask Huang Xiaoming for advice , Why ask him ?”

all the time ,baby The relationship with Huang Xiaoming is “ Whirling ”, The outside world is constantly suspicious because of the relationship between the two people .

therefore , After hearing what sun Honglei said ,baby Suddenly became the focus of everyone .

Baby Not imagined “ silence ”“ unhappy ” even to the extent that “ A black face shows ”, On the contrary, his face is full of shame , Cover your mouth and keep laughing .

Simple actions , In fact “ tell ” A crowd ate melons : My feelings with Huang Xiaoming , Deep .

mention angelebaby, What can you think of ?

yes 《 Running man 》, It's her marriage to Huang Xiaoming , Or staring at the green screen and cutting the picture …

Also, or , These aspects have ?

You bet , Every time about baby The news of , It must be related to these aspects .

It's just , This time, , Yes “ People with a heart ” The variety show 、baby And Huang Xiaoming “ binding ” Together .

Before marrying Huang Xiaoming ,baby Just an unknown little model .

Give Way baby Into people's sight , When it belongs to the century wedding with Huang Xiaoming , And then hanging on your head “ Mrs. bishop ” The title of .

And really let baby The fire , It should still be baby And 《 Running man 》 The indissoluble bond of .

To make a long story short ,《 Running man 》 How long does this program run ,baby、 Zheng Kai 、 How long did Li Chen accompany me .

In the Middle East: , It is impossible to define the existence of guests and “ holding ” Popular program , Or the wonderful program “ belt ” It's really hot .

Between the guests and the program group , There will be an unwritten “ The rules ”: degree of heat .

The program team relies on guests to improve the heat and highlights of the program , The guests use the program group to expose themselves , Raise your value , The two are actually win-win .

It's just , This balance point , Will also break at some point .

such as , No heat .

5 month 25 Japan ,《 Running man 》 Super topic moderators post on social platforms :

“ There is no shortage of female artists with good human beauty and character in the film and television entertainment industry , abound , The earth will not stop rotating because of one person , No program can't go on without anyone , People have self-knowledge , Just walk away stupid and unknowingly .”

In people's speculation, this 《 Running man 》 The staff mentioned “ Female artist ” Who is it , There are netizens in the program “ Grill ” The truth .

Baby When playing mud games with song Yuqi , Song Yuqi started very hard , With all his strength, he hit the pillow in his hand baby On my face .

Baby Rolled a big white eye on the spot , But after baby When you fight back , Song Yuqi rushed baby Spit .

In this program “ War ” Caused a contradiction between the two fans , Some even question , Why does the fledgling song Yuqi dare to baby With such a heavy hand ?

Soon , Have big V On the social platform “ answer ”:

“ Everyone except fans knows ,baby There's nothing but running men .”

Rough words, not rough reason , It seems that in people's impression ,baby Of “ Representative work ”, Only 《 Running man 》.

That's it .

although baby And 《 Running man 》 There are contradictions and other reasons , But there is no denying that :baby It's not as hot as before .

On works , On acting , People are right. baby Most of my impressions stay in 《 Gu Fang doesn't flatter herself 》 In the green screen matting and the embarrassing performance of staring all the way .

The only one who can handle it “ works ”《 Running man 》, Or a variety show .

For an actor , It's a great irony .

Only a short while ago , Any film and television play , As long as there are traffic stars , Even the whole stroke , Even a stingy double , The ratings will be extremely high .

Of course , And ratings “ Qi ” high , And these traffic stars often pay tens of millions of sky high prices .

It's just , This unreasonable phenomenon is gradually disappearing .

From the top, Lu Han's 《 Shanghai fortress 》 Word of mouth collapse , To the top of a film and television drama that can still win a complete victory without top stream …

In today's show business , Is returning to normal step by step .

So it looks like , baby Resource decline , There are already omens .

After all , The audience is not stupid .

Originality is not easy. , Let's go with a compliment ~

Want to learn more about , Come and pay attention to the theory of flowers

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