Huang Minghao "betrayed" his teammates three times and only wanted to win by himself. No wonder Lei Jiayin Wang Xun didn't believe him

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huang minghao betrayed teammates times

《 Challenge the limit 》 After the end of office ,《 Extreme challenge treasure line 》 The second season goes online as promised , The program team does not use the lineup of last season , But a new invitation to Zhang Binbin 、 Wang Yanlin 、 Huang Minghao and he Luoluo join , Plus Wang Xun 、 Qin Hao and Yang Chaochao , Make up the “ Three belt four ” New permanent lineup , Let a lot of viewers see .

8 month 8 Friday night ,《 Extremely select the treasure line 》 The first 5 The feature film goes online as promised , Without Wang Xun , The program is still won or lost by Huang Minghao 、 Qin Hao leads . Maybe it's to weaken Qin Hao 、 Huang Minghao's advantages , The program group specially invited Jia Nailiang 、 Li Qin returns , The former is 《 A pick 》 permanent , The latter is an excellent player with explosive IQ , Both of them are familiar with the program routine .

Throughout the whole program , Qin Hao 、 Jia Nailiang led the teams to compete , The winning team will win “ Seafood feast ” As a reward , The loser will be punished . In principle , In order to make the game more exciting , Resident guests and flying guests should be evenly distributed according to their strength , However, the grouping in this issue is seriously biased towards Qin Hao .

Compared with the flying guest Jia Nailiang , Qin Hao knows the strength of each guest , I chose Li Qin directly 、 Huang Minghao , Bring in the two smartest people , Only to Jia Nailiang, leaving Zhang Binbin 、 He Luoluo and Wang Yanlin . Need to know , Zhang Binbin 、 He Luoluo and Wang Yanlin belong to “ Simple minded ” type , Their character is more upright , Don't like calculating others , So it's often played badly .

As the saying goes “ Wise men are wise men ”, Qin Hao thinks he chose Li Qin 、 Huang Minghao can win , How do you know Li Qin 、 Huang Minghao has his own plans , Among them, Huang Minghao betrayed his teammates three times , Ridiculed by some viewers, the desire to win or lose is too much , Regardless of whether the team wins or loses , No wonder Wang Xun 、 Lei Jiayin can't believe him .

The first is in the second game link , Li Qin 、 Zhang Binbin, Chen Zhipeng and others were asked to vote , The person with the highest vote will be eliminated . among , Huang Minghao had already formed an alliance with Wang Yanlin , They just need to win over Zhang Binbin 、 Chen Zhipeng can win alone , But Huang Minghao suddenly turned back and betrayed Wang Yanlin , It led to two people out .

The second is in the third game link , Huang Minghao had promised Qin Hao's strategy , Make sure two people get points . But Huang Minghao suddenly changed his mind , Not only betrayed Qin Hao , Also fooled Li Qin , Finally he got the score as he wanted .

The last time Huang Minghao betrayed his teammates was in the last link , The score was not filled in according to Qin Hao's distribution , All the scores of the whole team are invalid . Need to know , Although Huang Minghao and Li Qin betrayed Qin Hao , But Li Qin came clearly , Her starting point is only to prevent Qin Hao from winning , There is no consideration of trying to win .

In contrast, Huang Minghao decided to let the whole group lose from the beginning , And the idea of winning alone , After all, according to the rules of the game , The highest score of the failed group is also unpunished . let me put it another way , Huang Minghao didn't consider the interests of the team in the whole program , It's more about whether you can win , Betray your teammates three times in order to win , His mind is better than Qin Hao 、 Li Qin is still deep .

After the show , A large audience said that Li Qin 、 Qin Hao is busy fighting inside , All underestimated Huang Minghao , And Huang Minghao only wants to win by himself , It's also terrible , Finally, we can understand why Lei Jiayin 、 Wang Xun can't believe him .

To be fair , Huang Minghao joins 《 A pick 》 It's not a long time , But the desire to win or lose is obvious . And sometimes being too sharp is not necessarily a good thing , It is because he is too clever , To Lei Jiayin 、 Wang Xun and others can't believe him easily , That led to the illusion that everyone did not accept him .# Extreme challenge treasure line #

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