Xiong Dailin's family's fortunes were exposed. At the age of 40, she was a plain and tender girl, but there was a big difference in the appearance of her twin daughters

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xiong dailin family fortunes exposed.

8 month 8 Japan , Xiong Dailin's husband Guo Kesong posted his family photo on the social platform , Celebrate your birthday . Xiong Dailin and Guo Kesong hold a daughter in their arms , Head slightly against each other , The picture is warm and harmonious , The feeling is very sweet .

40 Xiong Dailin is in excellent condition , Plain face is still beautiful , Her skin is fair, firm and flawless , And the facial features of the big eyes and sharp chin are very three-dimensional , The neck is smooth and fine without neck lines , Her true age is completely out of sight . Guo Kesong's skin color and his wife are two extremes , But his skin is also very delicate , Youjia and Xiong Dailin are a good match .

Two 3 Year old children wear the same white T T-shirt with pink suspender , As like as two peas , But although they are twins , The appearance value is quite different , A small pointed face, a square face , Maybe it will become more beautiful after the facial features grow .

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