Zhang Yuxi is really 'white to shine'. If he doesn't fix the picture, he has a skin grinding effect. He wears a white skirt like a fairy

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zhang yuxi really white shine

# What to wear today ## Fashion is around #

In fact, I can't understand what kind of existence white skirt is , But I've read so many fashion magazines , And the blogger's clothes , Just know its beauty is not so simple , With a sense of elegance in pure desire , It can be said that it is so beautiful , And natural .

Of course, the blessing of a small white skirt is indispensable in summer , It not only has the effect of cooling and relieving summer heat , It doesn't look dull in dress , At the same time, it can make you competent for all kinds of occasions , Whether it's dating or shopping , Will look beautiful .

Compared with the wave point skirt 、 The complexity of checkered skirts and floral skirts , The little white skirt seems very monotonous again , But the fresh and aesthetic effect , It seems to be cooler , It can also make you wear a gentle effect , Show fashion and beauty .

Yes , The little white skirt is beautiful , No matter how long it takes , A skirt that won't be forgotten , It looks good no matter how you wear it , And it can be controlled by more people , The maturity and charm of middle-aged and elderly women , The liveliness and playfulness of young people , It can control .

Sometimes a little white dress , It seems to be a kind of white moonlight , Let you in the world where flowers are becoming more and more charming , Find a ray of innocence , With a cold but not arrogant look , It can also highlight a temperament .

So every girl should have a little white skirt , You should also have a small white skirt in the wardrobe , Not only does it have temperament , It also highlights purity and romance .

Many stars actually love little white skirts , Just like Zhang Yuxi wearing a small white skirt , After adding the form of printing , It can get rid of the original monotony and elegance , It can also wear temperament and fashion , It's not boring at all .

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