Take you to visit Jiang Xin's Mansion: the balcony area is too spacious to fit even the leisure bed

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visit jiang xin mansion balcony

Speaking of Jiang Xin, I believe everyone knows , She plays a lot of bad roles , For example, Princess Hua performing in the legend of Zhen Huan , It's really hateful , Also like 《 Hua Qian'gu 》 The evil god inside , Although it is blackened , But the impression is not very good , It can be seen that Jiang Xin's own performance skills are particularly excellent . Jiang Xin's image in life is different from that in film and television dramas , She is easy to get along with in life . At present, Jiang Xin is an old drama bone , This is her , What is home like in life ? You can go and learn about it with Xiaobian .

First of all, her house is an open-air sea view room , The design inside is very fashionable , And it's also high-end and atmospheric , Luxurious . This space style is very trendy , After all, it is also a modern decoration method , It really makes people sigh that it's good to have money .

Take another look at the porch at home , There are few decorations in the porch , So it seems relatively simple .

Take another look at the cloakroom , The cloakroom needs to focus on , No doubt. , Because dressing up has always been the most important part of female stars , If you don't have a good image for your fans , It must not be able to attract more fans . The cloakroom of Jiang Xin's home is in bronze color , This is made of metal , The interior design is particularly exquisite , Carving makes the space texture more powerful , High end luxury has connotation . Plus there are murals on the carpet , Let the space reveal a trace of literature and art , This feeling is very luxurious .

The main color of house decoration is white , This is also because the space of the house is too dim and appears dead . The floor and walls are gray marble , The living room sofa is beige , Mix and match several colors , A little family warmth , But this space is different from the European luxury style , It looks more grounded .

Finally, let's take a look at the most enviable open-air sea view balcony in her family , This kind of place , It's not too much to say it's a tourist attraction , However, Jiang Xin has this open-air sea view balcony alone , Can enjoy the fun of traveling every day , Life is so happy . The air is fresh and the scenery is beautiful , It's really enviable .

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