Yulouchun: Yao dizhu's officials are so handsome. The combination of sober in the world and the great general is a perfect match

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yulouchun yao dizhu officials handsome.

# Yulouchun essay # Ask 《 Yulouchun 》 Who is the most upright person in the three views , Presumably everyone will say Yao dizhu's name with one voice , You bet , In dealing with emotional issues , Yao dizhu's choice is commendable , It's also worth learning .

She accomplished sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun , No jealousy, no hindrance , This event proved her three views , Proved her character , Such a woman , Deserve better love .

Yao dizhu has great confidence in herself , She told Lin Shaochun , She said she would find a man who really belonged to her , That man must be a hundred times better than sun Yulou , Then compare Sun Yu building . Although this sentence sounds like a joke , At the same time, it also reflects Yao dizhu's confidence .

It seems that self-confidence and three outlooks are , Can really bring a person good luck , Yao dizhu's official match is coming , He's not someone else , It's the second brother of sun Yulou , Sun Junhao, the general who is fighting outside .

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